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Virtual STEM Professional Development

Online and Blended Professional Learning Options

As schools and districts progress through the new era of post-pandemic instruction, Carnegie Science Center’s Teaching Excellence Academy is here to support the needs of educators during the 2021–2022 school year.

Connect virtually with this blended professional learning model consisting of live workshops and independent practices. Participants engage in valuable learning experiences and leave with ideas for the implementation of STEM education in their classrooms and/or digital learning environments.

Each workshop can accommodate up to 30 educators and includes instruction in the use of a digital application to enhance engagement and productivity.

For more information, contact:
Senior Director of STEM Education Nikole Sheaffer,


Our “What is STEM?” workshop is designed to establish a strong foundation for STEM professional learning. Because of this, it is a prerequisite for other Online Professional Learning Options.

What is STEM?

Two-hour live virtual format | Cost: $1,250 (prerequisite for The Next Step in STEM workshop)

Digital application utilized for the evaluation of school/district’s current STEM program

STEM best practices can be woven into any classroom or lesson plan. In this first workshop, we’ll discuss factors that make for a collaborative STEM learning environment, as well as resource materials that incorporate STEM into multiple subject areas. Develop STEM buy-in with fellow stakeholders using our proven strategies.

Additional Options:

Take your STEM journey further with "The Next Step in STEM" and four additional workshops that dive into the Pillars of STEM Education: project-based group learning, inquiry-based education, integrated curriculum, and career awareness.

The Next Step in STEM

Two-hour live virtual format | Cost: $1,250

Digital application utilized for brainstorming and creating STEM education improvement goals and implementation plan

Participate in an action-oriented workshop that will have you collaboratively planning for the implementation of your STEM education program. Learn about employing strategic methods such as creative matrices and directed brainstorming. Through guided group discussion and visualization, set your school on a successful track with the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway.

Project-Based Learning

Two-hour live virtual format | Cost: $1,250

Digital application utilized for creating and maintaining electronic portfolios with students

Regardless of your content area, project-based learning (PBL) is sure to inspire and excite your students about STEM. Use your expertise to develop STEM projects that address real-world problems and require students to be engaged. Project resources, group work strategies, and collaborative opportunities are also included.

Inquiry-Based Education

Two-hour live virtual format | Cost: $1,250

Digital application utilized for creating concept/mind maps to illuminate thinking learning

Transitioning a traditional classroom to one that is more question-centered does not require a total curriculum rewrite. Learn simple classroom strategies to turn existing lessons and activities into ones driven by student curiosity that give kids the opportunity to practice and develop their STEM skills.

Integrating STEM into Your Classroom

Two-hour live virtual format | Cost: $1,250

Digital application utilized for online collaboration for creating integrated lessons and activities

STEM education is much more than just science, technology, engineering, and math. Instead of focusing on specific content, STEM education refers to skills and competencies that teachers of any discipline can incorporate into their lessons. In this workshop, participants will be asked to brainstorm potential avenues for subject integration and design integrated lessons that can be used upon leaving the workshop. Additionally, participants will access and review a lesson planning tool that acts as a guide for STEM integration.

Career Connections: Exploring STEM Identity

Two-hour live virtual format | Cost: $1,250

Digital application utilized for survey design and data collection

STEM Identity plays a major role in the education of K-12 students because it creates a set of positive expectations that leads to engaged learning. In this module, participants learn how STEM Identity is defined, ways to promote genuine interest and excitement in STEM careers, and how to recognize potential inhibitors to the development of a positive STEM Identity.

STEM Up Your Classroom

Two-hour live virtual format | Cost: $1,250

Build your confidence and learn how to facilitate STEM best practices in your learning environment. Explore various educational technologies through inquiry. Discover practical ways to integrate engineering activities in your classroom.