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National Energy Technology Laboratory

Boys playing red and green balls using conveyors and vacuum tubes
Little Learner Clubhouse

NETL Energy Zone

In partnership with the National Energy Technology Laboratory

  • Circuit Station: Basic electricity for everyone – connect wires to power circuits!
  • Energy Challenge game: Grab a few friends or family members and step up to this interactive kiosk game show. Two individuals or teams challenge each other for the title of Energy Champion!
  • Energy Quiz: Test your knowledge of energy consumption! This exhibit presents visitors with pairs of appliances and asks which of the two uses more energy.
  • Power House: Flip switches on a miniature house to see how much energy you use – or can save – with various appliances.
  • Ring Launcher: Participants press a button to initiate an electric current, producing an electromagnet that forces a metal ring to be swiftly launched up a pole.