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Buhl Planetarium Shows presented by:

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Full List of Buhl Planetarium Shows

Fly Me to the Moon

The Moon

A new Buhl Planetarium production.
Included in general admission.

Rocket to the Moon in a brand-new Buhl Planetarium show! Celebrate Neil Armstrong’s one small step onto the lunar surface and learn about the Pittsburghers who helped make this giant leap possible. Join our Mission Control team and play a part in this interactive voyage to the Moon. Then blast off with the Saturn V rocket, and marvel at the lunar landscape from orbit.

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Expedition: Solar System

Solar System

Content Themes: Astronomy, Robotics
Join Quasi the Robot, your loveable robot sidekick, on a theatric adventure through the Solar System! Travel to the International Space Station, the canyons and mountains of Mars, the rings of Saturn, and even the heart of Pluto! Meet the fleet of NASA robots expanding our knowledge!
Grades: 1–4

Mars Madness

View of Mars

Content Themes: History of Science & Science Fiction; Planetary Geology
Join in the fun with Foley Effects to recreate the chilling Halloween broadcast of War of the Worlds! Join the search for Martian life, in fact and fiction. Discover how robots are teaching us about the Red Planet, paving the way for Earthlings to “invade” Mars in the future!
Grades: 4–8

Stars Over Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh skyline at night

Content themes: Celestial Patterns, Solar System, Stars & Galaxies, Regional Science
Take a guided tour through the current night sky in this live presentation. Students will learn how to locate the planets and constellations in their own back yard, as well as the phases of the Moon.
Grades: 3–12

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Beginners’ Guide to the Universe

Colorful nebula and stars

Content themes: Solar System, Stars & Galaxies
Go on a tour of the universe without leaving Pittsburgh! A live presenter will be your guide as you travel beyond our own Milky Way Galaxy to the farthest reaches of our cosmos.
Grades: 5–12

SolarQuest: Living with Our Star

Photograph of The Sun in space

Content themes: Time, Space, Gravity, Solar System, Stars & Galaxies
Journey to our neighborhood star, the Sun! Explore space weather and the Sun-Earth environment. Learn how solar physicists use the Solar Dynamics Observatory to help predict solar storms. This experience is two shows in one! After the 10-minute narrated journey to the Sun, take a 20-minute tour of stars in the current night sky, guided by a planetarium educator.
Grades: 4–12

Cosmic Collisions

A sombraro galaxy and stars

Content themes: Time, Space, Gravity, Solar System, Stars & Galaxies
Cosmic collisions have created many things we take for granted: the glowing Moon, the Sun’s warmth, our changing seasons, and the ocean’s rolling waves. They ended the age of the dinosaurs and changed the very map of the cosmos. Learn how these catastrophic and constructive events shaped our world.
Grades: 4–8


An astronaut space walking with the Earth in the horizon

Content themes: Space, Gravity, Human Body Systems, Technological Designs
Find out what it takes to become an astronaut. Explore the amazing worlds of inner and outer space, experience a rocket launch from inside an astronaut’s body, and discover the perils that lurk in space.
Grades: 3–8

The Sky Above Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

The Sky Above Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Content themes: Solar System, Stars & Galaxies
Explore familiar objects in the sky with Mister Rogers and your favorite characters from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
Grades: PreK–2

Buhl Planetarium Shows presented by:

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