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Our bodies are marvelous machines! BodyWorks uses brand-new interactive exhibits, live shows, and demonstrations to explore the blood, guts, bones, brains, senses, and mechanics that make us – us!

The exhibit explores our Muscles and Bones, Heart and Lungs, Digestive System, Brain and Nerves, and Body Basics.

Learn about the fluids that fill your body, the limits of the human form, and what parts of you can be replaced.

Come pump a heart, stretch your intestines, fool your senses, make your skeleton dance, see actual preserved human organs, and more!

Interactive Exhibits

What Do I Look Like Under a Microscope?
Have a look at the different tissues and cells through the tissue Wentzscope

How Fast is my Heartbeat?
Place your hands on the metal handprints and listen to the drumbeat of different hearts!

What Do My Bones Look Like?
Use these X-rays to make a whole human skeleton.

What Does a Baby Look Like in the Womb?
Pick a sonogram and use the sensor wand to “see” an ultrasound of the inside of the womb.

Can My Hand Fool My Brain?
Place your hands on the coils to the left and right of the exhibit and see how hot and cold may not be as easy to tell apart as you think!

How Does My Skeleton Move?
Stand on the footprints on the floor and see what your skeleton (probably) looks like!

What Do I Look Like Inside?
Stand on the footprints on the floor and see what you look like on the inside.

How Do My White Blood Cells Protect Me?
Follow the on-screen instructions to play the game and save the patient.

How Does My Brain ‘See’ a Word?
Use the finger slider to rotate the brain and explore how we process information.

What Does My Arm Look Like Under the Skin?
Use a hand-held microscope to get a really (really!) close look at your skin, hair, and clothing.

How Do My Bones Move?
Turn the knob and watch the skeleton hand and arm show you how the bones inside you are moving too.

How Do My Arteries Get Clogged?
Rotate the tube to see how blood flow is affected by blockages.

Why Do My Bones Break?
Use the lever to flex the bone.

How Do My Muscles Make My Joints Move?
Use the lever to operate the mechanical muscles and bone.

Can My Eyes Fool My Brain?
Try to trace the hidden pattern by looking only at the reflection

What Do I Look Like Inside?
Use the finger slider to “slice” your way through a real human body.

Brain Scan Word Play
Touch the screen to see how your brain reacts to different words

Cyber Skull
Hold your hand open over the sensor to see what your skull looks like.

What’s Inside My Throat?
Move an endoscope tube to see inside a patient’s throat.

How Does Endoscopic Surgery Work?
Use the surgical tool to find, pick up, and dispose of polyps in a patient’s intestines.

What Technologies Can See Inside Me?
Slide a monitor over an outline of a human body and explore how different technologies let us see into the body in different ways.

Scope on a Rope
Use the hand-held microscope to look at your skin or clothes.

Intestine Pull!
How long are your intestines? Pull out the rope to find out!

Bodily Sounds
Push the buttons to hear the kinds of sounds your body makes.

Gas Seat
Have a seat – then bounce up and down to build up gas pressure and see what happens!

How Fast is My Heartbeat Compared to Other Animals?
Pick a heart, then squeeze the handle to see if you can match the beat.

It’s Raining Bacon!
Can your ears fool your brain? Push the buttons to listen to the sound.

Mirror Mixer
Can your eyes fool your brain? See what happens when you try out this mirror with a friend!

Do Smells Trigger Memories?
Push a button, take a sniff and see what memories or emotions come to mind.

Valve Challenge
Pump blood up into a pair of veins, one with valves and one without, to see how our body’s engineering keeps our blood flowing uphill.

Heart Rate Readout
See how fast your heart is beating.

Healthy and Diseased Lungs
Pump air into a pair of lung balloons to see how smoking affects the flexibility of these critical organs.


Fluid Flasks
Take a look at the fluids found in the average human body!

Everybody Poops!
Have a look at casts of different animal droppings.

What’s in My Head?
Have a look at the bones, teeth, eyes, brain, tongue, and blood thanks to a plastinated head and brain.

How Does What Comes Out of Me Tell Me About My Health?
Use the color charts to learn all about snot, poop, and pee.

Human Records Wall
Are there limits to the human form?

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