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Works Theater

Science is always “under construction” in the Works Theater: A live showcase of dazzling demonstrations in a one-of-a-kind industrial setting. Taste a frozen marshmallow, see the glow of molten metal, or feel the zap of electricity. Watch chemical reactions in action or launch a fiery rocket into space. It’s all in the Works!

*Please note: Some Works Theater programs may contain water-vapor fog, strobe lighting, and loud sounds.

Planning to visit us? Check out today’s show schedule.

Shows are available for group bookings Monday through Friday. Add a show for just $2 per person!

Talk with us about which shows are available on your selected date. Register early for best selection!

To schedule a visit for your group, call 412.237.3410.

It Came from Outer Space

Blast off with explosive experiments as we discover how technology developed to solve problems in space makes our lives better on Earth. Learn which things you use every day are actually Space Age inventions!

For Teachers:
Content Theme: Chemistry, Physics
Grades: 4–8
Capacity: 150

Sponsored by:

SACP Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh logoSSP 1946: Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh logo

Earth and Friends

Soar through the Solar System in our Works Theater! Early learners will explore space chemistry as they visit Earth and its the other major planets and learn why Earth has the right stuff for life!

For Teachers:
Content Theme: Chemistry, Astronomy
Grades: Prek- 1
Capacity: 30


Learn the states of matter and see the chilling effects of super-cold liquid nitrogen. This ever-popular set of experiments demonstrates just how “cool” solids, liquids, and gasses can be!

Presented by:

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For Teachers:
Content Themes: Physical Science
Grades: 1–6
Capacity: 75 Students

On Fire!

Discover the science behind fire while understanding the powerful combination of heat, oxygen, and fuel. Explosive demonstrations bring to life the science of forest fires, rockets, and fireworks. Do not try this at home!

Program made possible with support from the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh and the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh

For Teachers:
Content Themes: Chemistry, Energy
Grade Level: 5–8
Capacity: 75 Students


This electrifying show features our Tesla Coil and its one-million volt display of light and sound. Presentation includes static charging equipment, magnets, and other concepts of electrical charge.

For Teachers:
Content Themes: Physical Science & Technology
Grades: 7–12
Capacity: 150 Students

Sponsored by:

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