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Starting Your STEM Pathway

“[The Pathway] allows teachers to feel empowered in improving their school community through the action plan as they work towards the goal of being a STEM/STEAM-focused school. It provides the mechanism to self-reflect, openly discuss, and collaborate on a common action plan with contributions from each member.”  Gyla Bell, Senior Director of Programs at TGR's Foundation's TGR Learning Lab

Building a STEM program in your school or district? Get ready to spark new ideas and build on existing ones as you discover STEM best practices and learn strategies for integrating them into your curriculum. These workshops are designed to be taken as a series and can be hosted for your educators at your location or online utilizing a Professional Development Package.

Coaching is our specialty at Carnegie Science Center. From working with you to identify your unique needs, to customizing professional learning opportunities for your educators, our coaching team supports your school or district at every step on your STEM journey.

Each workshop can accommodate up to 30 participants. Coaching sessions are designed for up to 10 participants.

For more information, contact:
Senior Director of STEM Education Nikole Sheaffer,

What is STEM?

K–12 educators, administrators | Three-hour workshop | Three hours of Act 48 credit 
Cost: $1,875

STEM best practices can be woven into any classroom or lesson plan. In this first workshop, we’ll discuss factors that make for a collaborative STEM learning environment, as well as resource materials and curriculum tools that incorporate STEM into multiple subject areas. Develop STEM buy-in with fellow stakeholders using our proven strategies.

Next Step in STEM

K–12 educators, administrators | Three-hour workshop | Three hours of Act 48 credit
Cost: $1,875

Participate in an action-oriented workshop that will have you collaboratively planning for the implementation of your STEM education program. Learn about employing strategic methods such as creative matrices and directed brainstorming. Through guided group discussion and visualization, set your school on a successful track with the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway.

Individualized STEM Coaching/Consultation Meetings

K–12 educators, administrators | 60-90 minute engagement | One hour of Act 48 credit
Cost: $375

Succeed in implementing your STEM education plan with the support of Carnegie Science Center. In these sessions, a STEM expert will help your team of select educators develop a tailored plan to strengthen your STEM education program or advise you on digital fabrication technology and makerspace needs specific to your setting.

Up to 10 participants.

Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway Workshop Series

This series of three sequential workshops is designed to help participants enhance STEM education within their school or district. Offered online and/or in person, these workshops are delivered over the course of a school year to school-wide or district-wide audiences and include opportunities for planning, collaboration, and reflection.

Emerging Workshop

K–12 educators, administrators | Six-hour workshop | Six hours of Act 48 credit
Cost: $3,750

Jumpstart your school and/or district’s plan for STEM education by taking part in the Pathway’s Emerging Workshop. Designed to assist Partners in the development of a needs-based approach to STEM education, this workshop will guide you through the process of assessing current conditions through a self-evaluation, identifying priority areas to improve STEM, and creating SMART goals as part of an action plans that will guide efforts and monitor progress towards improvement.

Progressing Workshop

K–12 educators, administrators | Six-hour workshop | Six hours of Act 48 credit
Cost: $3,750

Take your team’s plan for STEM education to the next level in the Progressing Workshop. In this proactive and collaborative format, share action plan progress and STEM education best practices with other like-minded Partners. Exchange additional supports and resources for the continued growth of your school and/or district’s STEM education goals.

Advancing Workshop

K–12 educators, administrators | Three- or six-hour workshop | Three–six hours of Act 48 credit
Cost: $1,875 (three hours) or $3,750 (six hours)

Conclude the initial Pathway process with an opportunity to reflect upon your team’s efforts to improve STEM education and reach your goals. Share successes, identify obstacles, and engage in conversation geared towards the further progression of your STEM program. Create a plan to continue using the Pathway to further suit your school and/or district’s STEM education needs.