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Teachers complete a circuitry activity during a Pillars of STEM workshop

Online Engagement Workshops

Navigating the world of virtual instruction? The Science Center is here to support you!

Our Online Engagement workshops are designed specifically for educators who want to enhance the effectiveness of their virtual instruction. Each workshop focuses on student engagement tools in an online learning environment.

Schools/districts/organizations: Choose the entire package of six online courses opens in a new window, or select individual workshop options that are suited to your needs. Each 90-minute live virtual workshop accommodates up to 30 educators and includes in-session coaching. Cost: $937 each

Online Engagement Workshops

These workshops aim to help educators navigate the demands of virtual instruction for the upcoming school year.

Video Conferencing 101

Explore the features of your selected video conferencing application that best support key components of effective virtual instruction. Brainstorm ways that video conferencing can foster class community, collaboration, and communication.

Google Classroom

Discover how Google Classroom can be utilized as a learning management system for all educators regardless of discipline or technical expertise. Explore features that can enhance virtual learning for a diverse group of students.

Google Features

Take a tour of the myriad of free Google applications and features that promote authentic learning in a virtual classroom setting. Discuss strategies for incorporating the selected options into your instruction regardless of the discipline. Options include Jamboard, Arts and Culture, and Google Earth.

Online Collaboration Tools

Experience digital tools that promote collaboration within a virtual learning environment. Practice using application features that help to minimize the challenges that can exist when implementing group work outside of the physical classroom. Options include Miro, Docs, and Trello.

Online Assessment

Learn how to effectively use online assessment tools to monitor the comprehension and progress of your students in a virtual learning environment. Brainstorm ways in which these tools can allow for differentiation and encourage valuable student feedback. Options include Quizalize, Vizia, and Classkick.

Interactive Tools

Explore various tools that are aimed to increase student engagement during their virtual classroom experience. Consider options for using interactive digital tools to promote authentic learning and a deeper connection to subject matter content. Options include Flippity,, and Peardeck.