Virtual Café Sci:
Phosphates and Pittsburgh’s Streams

Mon., Aug. 2
7–9 pm


Dr. Anusha Balangoda, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Geology and Environmental Science,
Pittsburgh Collaboratory for Water Research, Education, and Outreach; University of Pittsburgh

Image courtesy of Malinda Sanjaka

Orthophosphates are the most biologically available and readily usable form of phosphorus for plant growth in aquatic ecosystems, but did you know they are also used as a corrosion inhibitor to prevent the release of lead in old pipes? Join Dr. Anusha Balangoda as she discusses the potential of these phosphates to contribute to increased plant growth—and drops in oxygen levels—in urban streams.

About Dr. Anusha Balangoda:

Dr. Anusha Balangoda is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Geology and Environmental Science and Pittsburgh Collaboratory for Water Research, Education, and Outreach at the University of Pittsburgh since 2019. She earned her PhD in Environmental Science from North Dakota State University. Her research examines nutrient dynamics, speciation, and sources, focusing on environmental controls of algal production and assessing causes and consequences of cultural eutrophication of freshwater systems ranging from lakes and reservoirs to urban streams and rivers. Her research employs a wide range of approaches from aquatic ecology, limnology, biogeochemistry, and hydrology. Dr. Balangoda is working on the NSF-funded collaborative project, “Assessing the Ecosystem Impact of Drinking Water Orthophosphate Addition on Urban Watersheds” with researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and collaborator Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority.

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