The theory of relativity at your fingertips: Understanding Einstein’s theory using your phone

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Mon., Dec. 5
7–9 pm

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Dr. Ira Rothstein, PhD
Professor of Theoretical Physics at Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Ira Rothstein, PhD

If someone told you that they could make time pass slower or faster, you would think they were talking more about magic than science. But in fact, sometimes the line between science and magic can be blurred by the untrained eye. In this talk, Dr. Rothstein will discuss the (real) magic of the theory of relativity and demonstrate that everyone can grasp it without the need of any mathematics whatsoever with the aid of an app that was developed at CMU called “relatively simple.” Along the way, guests may discover some (fake?) magic.

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About Dr. Rothstein

Dr. Ira Rothstein is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests include black holes, physics, the physics of elementary particles, and the Higgs boson and the nature of quantum matter. His work focuses on the application of Effective Field Theory (EFT) to study complex, non-linear, strongly-coupled systems. Dr. Rothstein has studied Higgs boson production at the Large Hadron Collider, used quantum field theory to calculate classical gravity wave profiles for inspiralling black holes, and applied EFT techniques to novel quantum aspects of solids.

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