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Wings Over Water 3D and 2D

Showing Thursday–Sunday until Sept. 30

As the glaciers retreated at the end of the last ice age, they left an astounding gift of connected rivers, lakes, and wetlands across the heartland of North America. Today, these largely unknown water highways remain an oasis for wildlife, from the herds of bison that still roam part of the Great Plains to the swaying grasslands, wildflowers, and vital honeybees that pollinate our crops and especially for the millions of magnificent birds that migrate along these “flyways.”

Wings Over Water, a bird film, tells the compelling story of three amazing species—the Sandhill Crane, the Yellow Warbler and the Mallard Duck. The film narrated by Michael Keaton, showcases the migrating birds and their fascinating behaviors through triumphs and challenges as they defy all odds.

Connect with nature and transcend out of your seat while you watch this documentary in The Rangos Giant Cinema. Fly with the birds across mountains, deserts, cities, and forests in 4K. Not only will you soar with these amazing creatures, you will come out fighting for a cause: protecting waterfowl habitats, protecting birds, and joining prairie conservation projects.

This entertaining and important film, aimed at wetland conservation, is approximately 45 minutes and features the song “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis.

Conserving and Protecting Wetlands and Birds

More than one-third of all listed species on current threatened, and endangered species lists rely on wetlands for survival, and 50 percent are associated with wetlands at some point in their life cycle. Ducks Unlimited is the world’s leading science-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of waterfowl, clean and abundant water, people, and communities.

Additionally, the movie teaches audiences, a little-known fact, that the wetlands in North America are vital for sustaining healthy birds and farming, providing food for millions of people.

Ducks Unlimited partnered with Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation and Audubon to produce Wings Over Water, an IMAX Film targeting a broad audience to raise awareness and encourage conservation and restoration of resilient and rich habitats for generations to come.

Please note: Tickets are being sold up to four weeks in advance.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the show as the show begins promptly at the start time. To ensure a quality experience for our guests, we do not allow late entries.

About The Rangos Giant Cinema

The Rangos Giant Cinema is the most technologically advanced motion picture experience in Pittsburgh, boasting a 70-by-38-foot Certified Giant Screen, crystal-clear images, brilliant colors, and rich surround sound. It features two industry-leading Christie® laser-illuminated 4K laser digital projectors and a premium Dolby Atmos® surround sound system with 45 speakers.

By virtue of the technology, colorful and comfortable architecture, and atmosphere, The Rangos is designed to be a destination that provides immersive and exciting experiences to our guests. After your stay, we want you to feel like you have visited the “Mother of all Theaters.”

The theater’s technology provides extensive capabilities and significant opportunities for you to enjoy a broad range of dynamic content. From Hollywood feature films, film festivals, cult and classic films, to educational and event films, 3D experiences, and extreme special effects, look for something new, exciting, and unique every month.

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The Rangos Giant Cinema

Get the latest news on movies coming to The Rangos by subscribing to our biweekly e-newsletter.