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STEM Adventure

STEM Adventure: Scholars
STEM Adventure: Scholars

STEM Adventure: Jr. Scholars

Grades 1–5
Capacity: 25 students per adventure

Enhance a school field trip by adding on a STEM Adventure experience! Students can embark on an exciting, themed learning opportunity during their field trip to the Science Center.

Cost: $16 per student (includes General Admission Field Trip experience)

STEM Adventure must be booked at least three weeks in advance by calling 412.237.3400 between the hours of 9 am–5 pm, Monday–Friday.

Choose your spring mission!

*Denotes the following experiences that include a 30-minute gallery tour and a 30-minute workshop.

*Ready to Rocket: Journey through SpacePlace to learn what it takes to get astronauts into orbit, traveling 17,500 miles per hour. Make observations while helping educators launch rockets during an interactive workshop.

*Go with the Flow: Learn about erosion, run-off, and how we can protect our rivers. Perform cool experiments that test river water for pH balance, salinity, and more — all topped off with a tour of H2Oh!

*Red Planet Engineers: Tour the brand-new exhibit Mars: The Next Giant Leap to get a firsthand understanding of how the science of engineering will be essential for landing, building, and living on Mars. Participants will also get to use design principles in our FedEx STEM Learning Labs to explore what it takes to get robots, and eventually astronauts, down to the Martian surface.

*Physics of Sports: Run, jump, and swing your way through Highmark SportsWorks®! Participants will see, hear and even feel physics in action as we learn about levers, energy, momentum, and more. After the exhibit tour, head back to the workshop to build and test a mini-golf course.

Power of the Sun: This STEM Adventure is all about the Sun and how powerful it is! The Sun produces a LOT of energy. Step outside the Science Center to see the Sun in action as we follow the shadows and test solar cookers to explore how important the Sun is to our planet. Please note, in the event of inclement weather, this program may be modified or rescheduled.

Seasonal spring offering: Available for booking Jan. 2–May 31, 2024

Sustainable Stories:Take a trip though H2Oh! to learn how we can create sustainable energy and keep dangerous chemicals out of our environments and bodies! Track how plastics flow into waterways and learn how to prevent it. Participate in activities that promote practical sustainable practices.

BOOK NOW: Contact our Reservations Team at 412.237.3400 between the hours of 9 am–5 pm, Monday–Friday. 

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Generously supported by Howmet Aerospace Foundation

This program is a part of the Center for STEM Education and Career Development. Learn more about our partners.

STEM Adventure: Scholars
STEM Adventure: Scholars