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STEM Adventure Scholars Grades 1-6

STEM Adventure: Jr. Scholars
STEM Adventure: Jr. Scholars

STEM Adventure: Scholars

Grades 6–8

*Denotes the following experiences that include a 30-minute gallery tour and a 30-minute workshop.
**Denotes the following experiences that are a 60-minute workshop.

Enhance a school field trip by adding on a STEM Adventure experience! Students can embark on an exciting, themed learning opportunity during their field trip to the Science Center.

Cost: $12 per student (includes General Admission Field Trip experience)

STEM Adventure must be booked at least three weeks in advance by calling 412.237.3400 between the hours of 9 am–5 pm, Monday–Friday.

Choose your spring mission!

  • **Basics of Blastoff: Learn how Newton’s Three Laws of Motion can launch a rocket and create solutions to launch the greatest payload possible to the classroom ceiling in this explosive workshop.

  • **Give Me Space: Investigate the mental and physical challenges of travel in deep space and get your answers to questions, “What would happen to my body in space?” and “How do astronauts stay healthy in orbit?” Work together to come up with the perfect crew for a Mars spaceflight.

  • **Life On Mars: Work together to steer the future of your own settlements on Mars in an interactive storytelling game where you will have to choose a landing site, decide who will lead the city, and deal with Martian disasters. Along the way, use your knowledge of the Martian environment to make decisions and design solutions to out-of-this-world problems.

  • **Drop The Base: Use acids and bases to bring out colorful, fizzy, and surprising reactions in the FedEx STEM Learning Labs. Learn about lab safety and protocol as you perform these experiments in a fully featured wet lab.

  • *Water You Up To?: Prepare to get wet and learn about the interplay between local weather, Pittsburgh’s infrastructure, and the health and safety of our local ecosystem. Take a tour through H2Oh! and the Field Station and interact with exhibits and observe local wildlife.

  • **Enter The Drone Zone: Learn about aerodynamics, computer programming, and robotics to learn how aircraft fly – and even do some flying yourselves! Observe drone flight, learn how the drone senses the world around it, and use object-based programming to navigate a drone through an obstacle course.

BOOK NOW: Contact our Reservations Team at 412.237.3400 between the hours of 9 am–5 pm, Monday–Friday.

STEM Adventure: Jr. Scholars
STEM Adventure: Jr. Scholars