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Pittsburgh skyline
Historical Context

Pittsburgh skyline
The Environment &

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Fluid Dynamics

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Regional Resources

Field Station

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The interconnectedness of the “web of life” is apparent as visitors step into this area of the gallery, full of lively, swimming, hopping, and slithering animals that demonstrate the delicate balance of life and water on our planet. Exhibits include:

  • Touch Table – Interact with staff who are on hand for “touchable” encounters with live animals.
  • Fish Eyes – Try on “fish eyes’ to learn how fish see the world.
  • Planktonic Perspective – View life on a microscopic level.
  • Virtual Watershed – Create virtual hills and valleys, then observe the behavior of the virtual streams, lakes, and pools that are created.
  • WTAE Weather – Step into the spotlight and see yourself on “television” as you report the weather like a television meteorologist!

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