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Pittsburgh skyline
Historical Context

Pittsburgh skyline
The Environment &

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Field Station

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Regional Resources

Fluid Dynamics

The basic properties of water are demonstrated with activities allowing visitors to experiment with fluid dynamics in real time, time-lapse, and microscopic encounters.

Exhibits include:

  • NEW! ALCOSAN’S Daily Challenge – Try your hand at creating a balanced water-treatment system, as you control rain gardens, holding tanks, and processing stations during a typical day of rainfall and water used in Pittsburgh.

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  • Make It Rain – Pump water into a 3D cloud, then watch it rain and see where it flows.

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  • Frozen Raindrop – “Freeze” water in high-definition video and study the movement.
  • Drag Race – Three shapes moving through fluid demonstrate the effects of drag on objects in water, from fish to barges to speedboats. Visitors may create eddy currents by moving islands.
  • Water Weight – Step on the scale and see how much the water in your body weighs!