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Middle school age students works on a laser-cut project in the Fabrication Lab
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A group of learners participate in an activity during a visit from the Mobile Fab LabCorporate Team-Building Workshops

Middle school age students works on a laser-cut project in the Fabrication Lab
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Purchase your own mobile making program

Carnegie Science Center offers convenient and affordable packages to help you purchase and implement your own Mobile Fab Lab, complete with equipment, training, support, and curriculum.

Learn more in this article about our work creating a Mobile Fab Lab program for the Science Spectrum Museum in Lubbock, Texas.


Call Jonathan Doctorick at 412.802.2146 or email

Mobile Fab Lab Van Packages©

wdt_ID Accessories Mobile Fab Lab "Platinum Level" Mobile Fab Lab "Gold Level"
1 Extended full-size van
2 Full-size van
3 3D printers 2 2
4 Laser cutter and accessories 2 1
5 Vinyl cutter 1 1
6 Portable CNC router 1 1
7 Design computers 24 18
8 Spheros 10 5
9 iPads 6 3
10 Flat-screen TV 1

wdt_ID Training Mobile Fab Lab "Platinum Level" Mobile Fab Lab "Gold Level"
1 Mobile Fab Lab Intensive
2 Van delivery and training
3 Consultation services 2 years 1 year
4 On-site professional development 2 1
5 Total days of training 11 9


You can offer a maker space that is accessible to everyone. A Tactile-Assisted Design Kit is appropriate for people who are visually impaired and kinesthetic learners who respond best to a hands-on learning style.

They build an object and feel how their design will be created. After constructing their design, it is imported into a CAD software application from which participants then digitally prototype their design using a laser or vinyl cutter. Just like all other participants in Mobile Fab Lab programs, they test, refine, and iterate their designs.


Bring 3D printers, laser cutters, and other digital fabrication technologies to students, educators, and families anywhere with a Mobile Fab Lab. Set up a maker space in a classroom, gymnasium, cafeteria, or even outdoors for a day, a week, or just a few hours. The Mobile Fab Lab comes equipped with everything needed to inspire future engineers, scientists, technologists, and makers to innovate ideas and solutions to hands-on challenges.

Utilize a Mobile Fab Lab to offer STEM activities, hands-on programming, and engineering challenges for learners of all levels with high-tech equipment, computers, and Carnegie Science Center curriculum.


The Mobile Fab Lab supports school curriculum with standards-aligned lesson plans, integrates into existing project-based learning modules, and draws a crowd at a schoolwide STEAM night!

  • Support STEM learning at schools with engaging activities that encourage creativity, collaboration, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking.
  • School administrators embrace the Mobile Fab Lab experience because it eliminates the need to transport students off site, and students love it because it is fun!

The Mobile Fab Lab van is wrapped with your organization’s logo, branding your organization as a regional leader in maker-based STEM education. Your Mobile Fab Lab becomes a revenue-generating program through fee-for-service programming and grant-based engagements.


Carnegie Science Center’s Mobile Fab Lab Van Packages© include intensive training, materials, curriculum, operational support and coaching, and at least nine days of in-person training.

Mobile Fab Lab Intensive:

Two staff members travel to Carnegie Science Center** and train on site for Mobile Fab Lab programming, including:

  • Two days of in-depth equipment safety and operation training
  • Two days of job shadowing/logistics management
  • One day of lesson plan review and development

**Travel costs not included in Mobile Fab Lab Van Package.

Van delivery and training:

Carnegie Science Center staff delivers finished van to location**:

  • Driver’s training
  • Inventory review
  • Equipment setup and teardown review

** Delivery fees might apply.

Consultation services:

Phone calls, emails, texts, video conferencing, on-going/on-demand communication to support daily lab operations and answer any questions.

  • Platinum Level: Two years of support
  • Gold Level: One year of support

On site professional development:

Within your first year of operation, Carnegie Science Center’s expert Fab Lab team will design and deliver specific training for your organization based on your needs. Carnegie Science Center staff will travel to your location and train up to 10 people on your Mobile Fab Lab equipment.

  • Platinum Level: Two 2-day site-specific trainings
  • Gold Level: One 2-day site-specific training

wdt_ID Digital Fabrication Curriculum Mobile Fab Lab "Platinum Level" Mobile Fab Lab "Gold Level"
1 Project workshops 12 6
2 Engineering challenges 8 4
3 Capstone projects 4 2

Fab Lab education facilitators at Carnegie Science Center have developed very successful Mobile Fab Lab Van Packages complete with lesson plans, presentations, and digital templates to get you started delivering engaging programming right away.

Project workshops:

In these short lessons, students design and create their own project using digital fabrication technologies, learning 2D and 3D design principals with a 1:1 computer/student ratio.

Engineering challenges:

In these lessons, teams of students problem solve, design, prototype, and improve their solutions to solve a challenge using digital fabrication technologies.

Capstone projects:

These lengthy projects involve collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking to define and solve an individual challenge. Taking six hours or longer, students use human-centered design to address personal, school, or community challenges.