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STEM-by-the-Hour Classroom Programs

At Carnegie Museums, we are committed to the safety of our staff, visitors, and outreach program participants. Please review our In-Person Outreach Program Safety Standards for information about booking a Science on the Road program at your location.

We bring science to your classroom!

Students love the fun, hands-on activities. Educators love the minds-on learning loaded with eligible content! STEM-by-the-Hour presentations allow you to expand on important themes in your curriculum right in the classroom!

Each program accommodates up to 30 students and can be adapted to fit a 45-minute class period.

We have several STEM-by-the-Hour offerings that can be delivered in-person at your location or virtually via live video conferencing software! See below for available programs.

Contact us at 412.237.3400 or for more information.

Fee: $150 for each program.
*Please note, you must book a minimum of three classroom programs per day.

Travel fees may apply

Choose from the following programs:

Build It, Break It

Grades K–3
Content Themes: Engineering, Forces, Experimentation, Forces and Interaction
Create sculptures, build arches, and assemble and disassemble other unique structures.
*Live virtual and in-person options available

Creature Constellations

Grades 1–5
Content Themes: Multi-cultural Astronomy, Physics
How can there be animals in the sky? Discover why constellations look the way they do and the stories behind them, then create your own!
*Live virtual and in-person options available

Dinosaur Discovery

Grades K–4
Content Themes: Biology, Paleontology
What size were dinosaurs? What did they eat? Did they really roar? Become a paleontologist to reveal more about these Mesozoic marvels in this interactive investigation.
*Live virtual and in-person options available

Engineering Challenges

Grades 2–5

Content Themes: Engineering, Careers in Science, Forces and Interaction Test your engineering skills through different design challenges. Collaborate and adapt to meet changing demands and create unique projects to take home.
*Live virtual and in-person options available

Bonus: Mini Science Make and Takes!

$150 for first hour, $100 for each additional, up to 3 hours total.*
100 people served/hour max
*In person only

*Pricing subject to change.

Biodegradable Packing Peanut Structures

Engineer an art piece and learn about biodegradation. Combine cornstarch packing peanuts with a little bit of water to discover how you can reduce waste and reuse existing materials in creative new ways. Not only will these sculptures stick but so will your experience!

Assembly Programs

Assembly Programs

These dynamic 45-minute large-scale programs covering a world of eligible science content for the whole school!