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An exhibition so exciting it’ll fry your motherboard!

Welcome to roboworld®, the world’s largest permanent robotics exhibition! Learn how ‘bots sense, think, and act and explore dozens of interactive exhibit stations in this one-of-a-kind robotics experience. It’s the ultimate robot gathering, right here in Pittsburgh! Are you ready to go robotic?

At roboworld®, explore hands-on robotics exhibits – and even challenge a robot to a game of air hockey! Roboworld highlights the amazing technology that enables robots to sense, think, and act. Carnegie Science Center’s exhibit is known for its Robot Hall of Fame, which features replicas of some of Hollywood’s most famous robots, such as Gort, HAL 9000, and C-3P0.

Carnegie Science Center’s roboworld® was made possible by extraordinary collaboration and effort by a broad group of donors, advisors, Science Center staff, consultants, robotics organizations worldwide, and local universities.

The Science Center’s mission is to inspire the leaders of tomorrow in math and science – what better way to do that than to create the ultimate robotics experience and showcase the technology that will lead us into the future?