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Careers in Robotics

Do you love building things? Does creating machines that help people sound like a dream to you? Then you might want to consider a career in robotics!

Explore the many career opportunities in robotics and learn how current roboticists started in this cutting-edge work. Pittsburgh is the perfect place to discover the different career options in robotics.

Get connected with local schools, find out what areas of study are important for aspiring roboticists, and even meet one in this section!

Career Resources

Think you’d like to work in robotics? Robotics is an exciting field that already has begun to change the face of the workforce and impact our daily lives! Working with robots is exciting, rewarding, fun, challenging, and one of the most cutting-edge areas of technology.

If you’re thinking about a career in robotics, the first thing you’ll need is to brush up on and focus on math and science. Robotics engineers must have a bachelor’s degree in physical science, mathematics, or electrical, electronics, mechanical, and civil engineering. Many also have begun pursuing more advanced degrees.

Also known as “Roboburgh,” Pittsburgh offers stellar educational opportunities and regional resources to prepare you for a career in robotics.

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