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We bring science to your classroom!

Students love the fun, hands-on activities. Educators love the minds-on learning loaded with eligible content! STEM-by-the-Hour presentations allow you to expand on important themes in your curriculum right in the classroom!

Each program accommodates up to 30 students and can be adapted to fit a 45-minute class period.

Fee: $125 for each program.
Single programs available June-March.
2 program minimum April-May.

Travel fees may apply

Choose from the following programs:


Chemical Concoctions

Grades K–3
Content Themes: Chemistry, States of Matter, Structure and Properties
Stir up some concoctions like silly putty and chalk to take home.

Chemistry in a Bag

Grades 3–5
Content Themes: Chemistry, States of Matter, Structure and Properties, Energy
Conduct experiments that produce exciting temperature-changing results.

Glow in the Dark

Grades 3–5
Content Themes: Chemistry, Physical Science, Waves of Energy
Explore how color and light interact when experimenting under black light with everyday objects.

Trouble in Fruitvale

Grades 3–6
Content Themes: Ecology, Environmental Science, Human Impacts, Chemistry
Investigate sources of water contamination and learn about environmental precautions and procedures.


Space as Home Base

Grades K–2
Content Themes:  Astronomy, Physics, Forces and Interactions
Explore space, gravity and distance between objects in space.


Grades K-5
Content Themes: Astronomy, Space Systems, Physics, Chemistry
Reach for the stars by shooting off stomp rockets, Alka-Seltzer rockets and hit your target every time.

Spacewalking: Do you Have What It Takes?

Grades 3-5
Content Themes:  Astronomy, Physics, Human Endeavors
Discover the effects of pressure, high-speed impacts and more.


Who Are You?

Grades 4–6
Content Themes: Genetics, Heredity, Adaptation

How do your genes make you, well, you? Explore your genetic makeup through the observation of displayed traits. Find out how certain traits help plants and animals survive and thrive. “Roll the dice” to see how one’s outward appearance can result from millions of possible genotype combinations.

Making Sense of Sound, Level 1

Grades K–3
Content Themes: Interactions of Body Systems, Concepts of Health, Physics

Test the limits of sound energy and safety while exploring how we can hear what we hear. Produce and prevent sound travel in a variety of ways.

Making Sense of Sound, Level 2

Grades 4–6
Content Themes: Interactions of Body Systems, Concepts of Health, Physics

Play with sound production and modulation. Test the limits of human hearing while exploring the science of sound safety.

Sounds of Silence

Grades 4–6
Content Themes: Waves of Energy, Biomimetic Technology

Experience the power of sound waves through focused listening. Use sound to navigate both a space and outer space. A closed, quiet space must be provided for these activities.

NEW Roots, Shoots, and Solutes

Grades 6–8
Content themes: Relationships in an Ecosystem, Effects of Population Dynamics, Significance of Biodiversity

Get your hands dirty as we explore the physiology of trees.


Junior Scientist-Engineer

Grades K–5
Content Themes: Engineering, Motion and Energy, Experimentation
Complete the tower challenge and make predictions about your beam and suspension bridges.

Build It-Break It

Grades K–5
Content Themes: Engineering, Forces, Experimentation, Forces and Interaction
Create sculptures, build arches and assemble other unique structures.

Engineering Challenge

Grades 4–6
Content Themes: Engineering, Careers in Science, Forces and Interaction
Test your engineering skills through different design challenges.