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Expectations for Adding Hands-On Experiences

Science on the Road (SOR) will provide:

  • Two SOR educators and all equipment for program day
  • Mandatory training session for the school-provided volunteers
  • Assemblies and hands-on sessions
  • Advance communication to confirm program details with site coordinator approximately one week prior to your event

The school/host will provide:

  • A site coordinator. This person will serve as the main point of contact for all communication between your school and Carnegie Science Center. Please see the Checklist for Adding Hands-on Experiences for a detailed description of all coordinator responsibilities.
  • 12–15 adult or high school volunteers (16 years or older) to assist with activities for the entire program day
  • Available space for assembly/assemblies and stations along with adequate time for program set up and tear down
  • A room with approximately 600 square feet of space and 10 8-foot tables (or equivalent tabletop space) for hands-on activities. A gym or multipurpose room is preferred. Presentation spaces cannot be used for other events while Science on the Road is set up. For the safety of staff, students, and SOR equipment, these areas must be kept clear during setup and tear down.
  • A school employee who will greet and assist SOR presenters with access to the program spaces.
  • A completed program confirmation sheet and schedule for the assembly/assemblies and hands-on sessions sent to Carnegie Science Center at least three weeks prior to the program to

Adventure Station Maximum Daily Capacity:

480 student maximum capacity per day; groups of 75 or fewer students per hands-on activity session

Assembly Presentation Maximum Capacity:

250 students per presentation

Please note: We tailor each show to the audience’s learning level, so we recommend no more than three consecutive grade levels at each presentation.

These limits will be enforced to provide the most accessible educational experience for all involved.