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Teen Science Blog

What does Gen Z think about the future of science? In our new scientific-peer-reviewed Teen Blog series, teens share their perspective on scientific topics ranging from robot-assisted surgeries to the impacts of climate change; virus transmission; air pollution and the greenhouse effect.

Hear from the author:

“This blog is a collection of science articles aimed at a younger audience, tasked with making modern-day science news more digestible for late-elementary to middle school students. We aim to inspire a new generation of future scientists!”
–Aneri Shethji

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering

by Aneri Shethji

Have you ever eaten a pluot? No, that’s not a typo – a pluot is a hybrid fruit which is made from two different fruits (plum and apricot)! There are many ...

Aneri Shethji:

Aneri Shethji is a 10th grader at North Allegheny Intermediate High School. She is very passionate about science and writing and enjoys getting involved with the community. In her free time, Aneri spends time with friends and family and loves getting outside. She can’t wait to learn more about all that science has to offer, and help others learn it too!