December’s theme: Food to Fuel!

Explore food labels and discover what foods make great fuels for your body!

WATCH: Check out our Healthy Fruit Smoothie video to learn how to make a delicious and nutritious pomegranate pear smoothie!


DO: Discover how much sugar is in your favorite snack with the activity below!

How Much Sugar is in That Snack?


  • Snacks from your kitchen (Candies, chips, fruits, vegetables, and drinks are great starts!)
  • Bag of sugar
  • Teaspoon
  • 1 quart-sized sandwich bag or clear cup/container for each snack tested


  1. Gather all your materials and find the nutrition labels on your snacks. They are almost always located on the back of your snack marked “Nutrition Facts.”
  2. Find the serving size near the top of the label. It isn’t always the whole package.
  3. Find the total sugars. For this activity, we will need to know all of the sugar that’s in a serving. If there are different types of sugar in your snack, add them up.
  4. Using your teaspoon, scoop out the appropriate among of sugar* for each of your snacks into your sandwich bags or containers. Four grams (4g) of sugar equals one teaspoon.
  5. Do you ever eat more than one serving of your snack? That’s okay! For instance, some snacks have more than one serving in their bags. Add the sugar for any additional servings you usually eat.
  6. Compare! Do your snacks have more or less sugar in them than you would expect? Which one had the most? The least?
  7. Explore! Try out other snacks to see what has the least sugar. You may find another snack you really like!

* Note: If sugar is unavailable, try sand or dirt! Don’t be afraid to be creative and use building blocks, other toys, or anything you have lots of to compare the sugar grams.

Download the “How Much Sugar is in That Snack?” activity sheet. opens in a new window