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Assembly Programs for Elementary and Middle Schools

At Carnegie Museums, we are committed to the safety of our staff, visitors, and outreach program participants. Please review our In-Person Outreach Program Safety Standards for information about booking a Science on the Road program at your location.

These dynamic 45-minute programs can accommodate up to 250 students per presentation.

Whether you’re looking to engage students in-person or virtually, Science on the Road is here to support you this school year! Our science assemblies can be delivered either in-person at your location or virtually via live video conferencing software. Please see the assembly descriptions below for more information.

Contact us at 412.237.3400 or to learn more and sign up today!


  • Virtual: $390 for the first program; $295 for any repeat programs
  • In-person: $525 for the first program; $250 for any repeat programs

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Build It To Blastoff

Content themes: Engineering, Physics, Materials Science, Physiology, Space Environments
Grades K-8
In-person or virtual

The first mission sending humans to Mars is not that far away and your training has already begun! Test your ability to coordinate rocket launch logistics or pilot extraplanetary robots. The skills you need are being built through every day interaction with technology and each other.

Explore how scientific endeavors in space leads to improved life on Earth from new technologies. The stars align when our global community works together, creating new solutions to big problems! Opportunities abound in the space industry as we determine these small next steps together. From the Earth to the Moon to Mars, we will Build It To Blastoff!

Produced in partnership with NASA

SEED icon Science of Hockey

Content themes: Forces, Geometry, Physiology, Materials Science
Grades K-8
In-person or virtual

Jump in the game as a coach or player, and apply cryogenic chemistry, bowling ball pendulums, and reaction time testing to improve team performance. From reaction time to ice quality, dynamic science and math demonstrations will help you bring this ragtag team all the way to the Stanley Cup!

Produced in partnership with PPG and Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation

PPG logo            Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation

SEED icon Who Wants to Be an Engineer: Imagine it. Make it. Make it Better!

Content themes: Engineering and Iteration, Digital Design and Fabrication, Forces and Interaction, Materials Science
Grades K-8
In-person or virtual

Engineers are hard at work making life better. Now it’s your turn to be the engineer in this high-energy game show experience. Explore the wonders of the world visiting virtual prize destinations. Catapult yourself through history building links to the work of engineers today improving access to electricity through biomimetics, 3D-printing tools, and helping to preserve our shared past. Ask yourself: “Who wants to be an engineer? Is it you?”

Produced in partnership with Arconic Foundation.


SEED icon Chem-Mystery Files: Trial by Fire

Content themes: Properties of matter, energy, chemical reactions
Grades K-8
In-person or virtual

Join Detective Sam Silica on the hunt for clues in a burning mystery and see how evidence “reacts” to scientific tests. Live demonstrations highlight phases of matter, physical and chemical change, properties of elements, and combustion. Help Silica analyze the results to successfully close another case in the Chem-Mystery Files.

SEED icon Wild By Design: Innovations from A to Zoo

Content themes: Zoology, Physics, Engineering, Regional Science
Grades K-8
In-person or virtual

Engineering is a day at the Zoo! Join local scientists and onscreen zoo animals for a bio-inspired adventure with leaf-blowers, foamy chemistry, and liquid nitrogen rockets!

Produced in partnership with PPG

PPG logo

Special thanks to Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium