• Highmark SportsWorks - Sports Challenge
  • Highmark SportsWorks - Sports Challenge
  • Closed all day Dec. 4, Dec. 25, and Jan. 1.

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Sports Challenge

Test yourself, your friends, and your relatives as you pitch, climb, jump, run, and balance in these larger-than-life experiences. Then learn some techniques for improving your performance through better nutrition, safer warm-up exercises, and a better understanding of the physics involved.

NEW! Rock-topus Reaction Challenge – Prepare to work your cardiovascular system and test your brain power! Select one of eight full-body reaction-time games inside the octo-challenge arena. You'll test your peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and stamina (as you race, dodge, and dash!) to score points in solo or multi-player modes.

Reaction Time Hockey – Are you as quick as the Pens' Fleury? Test your reaction time with this 'whack-a-mole' game turned into a goalie reaction gauntlet!

Olympic Sprint – Race down a full-size, 10-meter dash to see how your time compares with an Olympian's!

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Hang Time – Select the right bar for your height, and see how long you can hang on!

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Pitching Speed – See just how fast your fastball is in this regulation-distance pitching cage with radar; accompanying panels show other aspects of baseball physics.

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Skateboard Stability – Test your skills as you adjust your center of gravity to 'hang ten' on this balanced skateboard and timer.

Impact! – Test the speed of your karate chop on this padded impact sensor.

Vertical Jump – How high can you jump? Test it out by hitting the highest button you can.

Deke it! – In hockey, deking is essential to controlling the puck. Part reaction time, part muscle memory, deking takes a certain skill that separates ordinary hockey players from the extraordinary. Accelerate while manipulating the puck back and forth with your stick. Use forehand and backhand maneuvers as well! Shoot the puck to score!

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