• Highmark SportsWorks – Sports Challenge
  • Closed Tuesdays through March 31.
    USS Requin is closed through March 1.

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Highmark SportsWorks®

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Sports Challenge

Test yourself, your friends, and your relatives as you pitch, climb, jump, run, and balance in these larger-than-life experiences. Then learn some techniques for improving your performance through better nutrition, safer warm-up exercises, and a better understanding of the physics involved.

NEW! Batter Up! – Swing a bat through a pair of laser beams to see your Major League swing speed and resulting ball distance and direction calculated and displayed on the PNC Park diamond.

Sponsored by Pirates Charities.
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Rock-topus Reaction Challenge – Prepare to work your cardiovascular system and test your brain power! Select one of eight full-body reaction-time games inside the octo-challenge arena. You’ll test your peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and stamina (as you race, dodge, and dash!) to score points in solo or multi-player modes.

Sponsored by PPG.
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Reaction Time Hockey – Are you as quick as the Pens’ Murray? Test your reaction time with this ‘whack-a-mole’ game turned into a goalie reaction gauntlet!

Olympic Sprint – Race down a full-size, 10-meter dash to see how your time compares with an Olympian’s!

Sponsored by Dollar Bank.
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Hang Time – Select the right bar for your height and see how long you can hang on!

3/4/2017 to 10/31/2018

Sponsored by NuGo.

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Batting Speed – See just how fast your fastball is in this regulation-distance pitching cage with radar; accompanying panels show other aspects of baseball physics.

Sponsored by Isaly’s.

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Skateboard Stability – Test your skills as you adjust your center of gravity to 'hang ten' on this balanced skateboard and timer.

Impact! – Test the speed of your karate chop on this padded impact sensor.

Vertical Jump – How high can you jump? Test it out by hitting the highest button you can.

VR Sports! – Pick from 4 full-body, full-action sports simulations as you try your skill in our newest greenscreen immersive experience!

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