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Tour Your Future Career Exploration for Girls+ Ages 11-17

Tour Your Future

Explore future STEM careers with Tour Your Future! This program for girls and non-binary youth ages 11–17 provides the opportunity to meet female+ professionals who work in STEM fields. Participants can experience what it is like to work in a variety of industries ranging from wildlife rehabilitation to robotics and more!

Tour Your Future welcomes cisgender girls, transgender girls, non-binary youth, gender nonconforming youth, genderqueer youth, and anyone who identifies as female.

Pre-registration is required.

Cost: $10 per student

Scholarships available. Call 412.237.3400 to learn more!

Summer 2023 Tour Schedule – Registration is open!

*Due to changing COVID-19 safety measures at each facility, please note that tours may be canceled, changed to a virtual format, or reduced in capacity.

Upcoming summer tours:

Tues., June 20
10 am–Noon

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. logoMitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. (MEPPI)

547 Keystone Drive, Warrendale, PA 15086

Tour not only your future, but the future of STEM, from cutting edge remote monitoring equipment to innovative products supporting clean energy to power the grid! Visit Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (MEPPI) for a unique opportunity to meet and see a demo of “Spot the Dog,” – a robot deployed in electrical substations for increased safety and security. During this visit, you will interface and have hands-on learning with engineers that are developing products to support sustainability and address climate change. Explore the production space to learn about all the work that goes into designing, testing, and manufacturing electrical equipment. Meet women engineers in various roles and learn what it’s like to be an engineer designing industry-leading technology and addressing climate issues for a brighter future.

Capacity: 30
Website: opens in a new window

Wed., June 21
1–3 pm

University of Pittsburgh – Swanson School of Engineering University of Pittsburgh – Swanson School of Engineering

3700 O’Hara Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Visit the Swanson School of Engineering where you will get a glimpse into their first-year Engineering Program! Learn about the engineering courses offered and ask questions about specific types of engineering that interest you. This program, in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh, has newly renovated, state-of-the-art buildings and labs. Meet current engineering Ambassadors as they give you a tour of Benedum Hall. In the Introductory Makerspace, where all Pitt engineers receive training freshman year, engage with an activity investigating conductivity and coding using Makey-Makeys.

Capacity: 15
Website: opens in a new window

Wed., July 12
11 am–2 pm

Beaver Valley Power Station logoBeaver Valley Power Station

Route 168, Shippingport, PA 15077

When you flip your light switch you might not think about it, but there are many people working around the clock to generate the electricity that was delivered to your home. Learn how safe, carbon-free and reliable electricity is generated at a nuclear power plant by visiting Beaver Valley Power Station. It takes a great team with a wide array of skills to support power generation. Talk with some of the women who work in nuclear power about the variety of job opportunities available in the field, go on a walking tour of the plant, and get hands-on in the control room simulator!

Capacity: 25
Website: opens in a new window

Special Note: A boxed lunch will be provided.

Fri., July 21
10 am–1 pm

Center for Vaccine Research logoUniversity of Pittsburgh – Center for Vaccine Research

Biomedical Science Tower 3, 3501 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Visit the Center for Vaccine Research for a unique opportunity to talk to the experts on viruses, vaccines, and the immune response. During the tour, you will explore the laboratory space, participate in scientific experiments, and learn about all the training that goes into working with pathogenic viruses. You will meet women immunologists and virologists at all career levels and learn what it’s like to be a scientist. You will also chat with some of the most influential women at the center and get their take on what it is like to be a woman in science!

Capacity: 10
Website: opens in a new window

Tues., Aug. 8
1–3 pm

Gecko Robotics logoGecko Robotics

100 S Commons Suite 145, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Gecko Robotics builds wall climbing robots that perform non-destructive testing on the world’s most critical infrastructure. Gecko operates all over the world in industries such as oil and gas, paper and pulp, and defense and manufacturing. Join us to learn how Gecko’s engineers and operations teams work together to provide safer inspections and the highest value data for our customers. Take an up-close look at Gecko’s R&D space where the robots are made and get hands-on with the latest version of their Toka robot.

Capacity: 15
Website: opens in a new window


Can I go on a tour? Tours are open to individuals and groups ages 11–17. Cisgender girls, transgender girls, non-binary youth, gender nonconforming youth, genderqueer youth, and anyone who identifies as female is welcome.

What will I do on a tour? Typical tours include a guided tour of the host site’s facility, a Q&A session with women+ professionals, and a hands-on activity related to the work done at the host site.

How much does a tour cost? All tours are $10 per student. A limited number of need-based scholarships for individuals and groups are available. To request a scholarship for an individual, please complete this application opens in a new window. To request a scholarship for a school group, please fill out this application opens in a new window.

How do I sign up? Register online or call 412.237.3400 to book your spot.

What if the tour is filled? If the tour you’re interested in is filled, please call 412.237.3400 to be added to the waitlist. You will be notified if spaces become available.

Where do I go for the tour? All tours are on site at the specified locations, or on a virtual meeting platform. These are NOT at Carnegie Science Center. After registration is complete, you will receive an informational email approximately one week prior to the tour date with specific arrival and tour details.

For Professional Women+ in STEM Fields

If you are a cisgender woman, transgender woman, non-binary individual, gender nonconforming individual, genderqueer individual, or anyone who identifies as female working in STEM, we would love to meet you! You’re just one click away from inspiring some of our next great STEM professionals! Please take the time to fill out this form opens in a new window to host a Tour Your Future event at your place of work.

Tour Your Future No-Call No-Show Policy

Participants must cancel their spot at least one week in advance if they are unable to attend. If any participant is a no-call no-show two times during a semester, that participant will be unable to register for future tours.

Questions? Please contact Maggie Fonner at for more info.

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