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Two girls getting sample from a lake
Two girls getting sample from a lake

Explore Future STEM Careers with Tour Your Future!

Tour Your Future offers an exciting opportunity for girls and non-binary youth ages 11–17 to connect with diverse STEM professionals and get an insider’s look at their workplaces. Participants will tour companies like HATCH, Astrobotic, Pittsburgh Penguins, University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research, and more, experiencing firsthand what it’s like to work in various STEM fields.

Tour Your Future is inclusive, welcoming cisgender girls, transgender girls, non-binary youth, gender nonconforming youth, genderqueer youth, and anyone who identifies as female.

Pre-registration is required.

Cost: $13 per student

Scholarships available. Call 412.237.3400 to learn more!

Fri., July 19, 2024
10 am–Noon

301 Grant Street
Suite 1700
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1408

Come design a transportation system to get students from home to school around obstacles and environmental impacts. Learn about the different roles in planning and executing projects that play an integral role in your communities and day-to-day life. See what careers can look like at a top engineering firm from young professionals, including many female STEM engineers. You’ll get to tour the office, meet some recent graduates, and hear from a variety of professionals including airports, 3D modeling, and bridge inspection. Hosted by WTS Transportation YOU at HDR, an employee owned engineering firm ranked No. 6 by Engineering News-Record with 12K+ employees worldwide. HDR specializes in architecture, engineering, environmental and construction services. Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) Transportation YOU is a hands-on, interactive mentoring program that offers young girls ages 13-18 an introduction to a wide variety of careers in transportation including engineering, planning, construction, marketing, communications and more! Through the program, WTS chapters work to make a difference in the lives of young girls by offering programs and activities that will spark their interest in all modes of transportation and encourage them to take courses in math, science, and technology, which are the stepping stones to exciting careers that can change the face of the transportation industry.

Max: 15 Min: 3

Website: HDR ( opens in a new window

WTS - Advancing women - Advancing transportation - Pittsburgh

Tues., Aug. 6
10 am–Noon

Vistra logoBeaver Valley Nuclear Power Station
200 State Route 3016
Shippingport, PA 15077

The Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station is a two-unit site, generated by two Westinghouse pressurized water reactors. We will gather in the SSB (Site Support Building) upon your arrival for conversation. We will provide a general overview of the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station, a brief discussion on how nuclear power is made, & open up the conversation for questions. We will take a walking tour to visit the simulator (a replica of our control room) and also to see the steam generator tent. We will then return to the SSB for additional questions and discussion.

Website: Vistra Zero – Vistra Corp. opens in a new window

Wed., Aug. 7
10 am–Noon

Hatch logoHatch
375 N. Shore Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Hatch is passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change. We are a global network with more than 10,000 employees, and here in the United States we have more than 20 offices. We combine engineering and business knowledge and apply them to the various business units we work with. Our main engineering focuses are within metals, energy, infrastructure, and sustainability. We’re employee owned and a flat organization. As a company we’re committed to working closely with the communities we serve to ensure that our solutions optimize environmental protection, economic prosperity, social justice, and cultural vibrancy. We want their businesses, ecosystems, and communities to thrive, both now and into the future. Our Pittsburgh office serves as the corporate headquarters in the U.S. Out of the Pittsburgh office we have groups working in nuclear energy, mechanical, structural, electrical, process, steel, and metals engineering. You will be visiting with female STEM engineers in the structural, mechanical, infrastructure, and process fields. You’ll get to tour the office, meet some recent graduates, learn about the culture of Hatch, perform an experiment, enjoy lunch, then finish up with a Q & A session.

Max: 15 Min: 5

Website: opens in a new window

Thurs., Aug. 8
10 am–1 pm

Center for Vaccine Research logoUniversity of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research
3501 Fifth Avenue, Biomedical Sciences Tower 3
Pittsburgh, PA

Come visit us at the Center for Vaccine Research! This is a unique opportunity to talk to the experts about VIRUSES, VACCINES and the IMMUNE RESPONSE. During the tour you will explore the laboratory space, participate in scientific experiments, learn about all the training that goes into working with pathogenic viruses and leave with a gift bag to extend your learning at home. You will meet women immunologists and virologists at all career levels and learn what it’s like to be a scientist. Most importantly you will have a chance to talk to some of the most influential women at the center and get their take on what it’s like to be a woman in science!

Max: 15 Min: 3

Website: opens in a new window


Can I go on a tour? Tours are open to individuals and groups ages 11–17. Cisgender girls, transgender girls, non-binary youth, gender nonconforming youth, genderqueer youth, and anyone who identifies as female is welcome.

What will I do on a tour? Typical tours include a guided tour of the host site’s facility, a Q&A session with women+ professionals, and a hands-on activity related to the work done at the host site.

How much does a tour cost? All tours are $13 per student. A limited number of need-based scholarships for individuals and groups are available. To request a scholarship for an individual, please complete this application opens in a new window. To request a scholarship for a school group, please fill out this application opens in a new window.

How do I sign up? Register online or call 412.237.3400 to book your spot.

What if the tour is filled? If the tour you’re interested in is filled, please call 412.237.3400 to be added to the waitlist. You will be notified if spaces become available.

Where do I go for the tour? All tours are on site at the specified locations, or on a virtual meeting platform. These are NOT at Carnegie Science Center. After registration is complete, you will receive an informational email approximately one week prior to the tour date with specific arrival and tour details.

For Professional Women+ in STEM Fields

If you are a cisgender woman, transgender woman, non-binary individual, gender nonconforming individual, genderqueer individual, or anyone who identifies as female working in STEM, we would love to meet you! You’re just one click away from inspiring some of our next great STEM professionals! Please take the time to fill out this form opens in a new window to host a Tour Your Future event at your place of work.

Tour Your Future No-Call No-Show Policy

Participants must cancel their spot at least one week in advance if they are unable to attend. If any participant is a no-call no-show two times during a semester, that participant will be unable to register for future tours.

Questions? Please contact Maggie Fonner at for more info.

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