NASA’s Artemis 1: Unlocking the Future

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Mon., Feb. 13
7–9 pm

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Renee Frohnert
Leader of Business Development L3Harris Technologies

Renee Frohnert

Humanity is going back to the Moon for the first time since NASA Apollo with a new set of missions: Artemis. The Artemis 1 mission, which launched in November 2022, started NASA’s future set of exploration missions to explore the Moon and eventually Mars. We will cover the Artemis 1 mission and unlock the future of the Artemis program in this upcoming lecture.

About Renee Frohnert

Renee Frohnert is a business leader, entrepreneur, engineer, and influencer within the aerospace industry. Renee is a Project PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Program Graduate and is training to go to space. She previously supported various space missions such as the NASA Artemis in which she designed critical electronics to send the first woman and next man to the Moon. As an engineer and business leader at Lockheed Martin Space and L3Harris Space she has developed spacecraft for the Department of Defense, Blue Origin, and other commercial space companies. She was featured as an aerospace engineer on Netflix and continues to promote aerospace, engineering, and STEM on her Instagram (@ReneeFrohnert) with over 20k followers. She advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion through public speaking and educating the space industry on unconscious bias.

Renee has been awarded numerous industry awards including the Lockheed Martin Engineering & Technology Award and Penn State Engineering Alumni Award. She enjoys teaching as a Visiting Lecturer at Cornell University’s School of Engineering. Renee holds an MBA from the University of Southern California, a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Cornell University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Penn State University.

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