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  • Craft stick
  • Linen, cut into thin strips
  • 2 small wiggle eyes
  • Felt glue or glue dots
  • Black poster paint


  • Paint the stick black and after it dries, glue the wiggle eyes to the craft stick.
  • Glue strips of felt around the craft stick – just don’t cover up the eyes.
  • Each time you come to the end of a strip of felt, stop it in the back of the stick and glue in place. Trim if needed. This keeps all the oddly cut pieces at the back.
  • Glue one last strip of felt to the back of the mummy and wrap it around the front as arms. Cross the arms and glue together, trim ends.

NOTE: For this project, white craft glue is not recommended because it soaks right through felt.

FUN FACT: Egyptian mummies are typically wrapped in linen. Resin, like our glue, keeps the bandages together.