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FAQs for Workshops

Q: How early can I sign in for a workshop?

A: Sign in begins approximately 10–15 minutes before the start time of each workshop. A member of the Camps & Classes staff will be waiting in the Group Services Lobby with a sign-in sheet.

Q: Where should I go to sign in for a workshop?

A: Signing in for all workshops take place on the ground floor of Carnegie Science Center in the Group Services Lobby. Taking Stairwell B from the 1st floor will bring you right into the front of the lobby. If arriving before 10:00 AM, use the Ground Level Group Entrance doors on the ground floor to enter the building. From the front of the parking lot, take the stairs to the left of the Sportswork entrance ramp. Use the crosswalk and turn left to locate this entrance.

Q: Can I just pick up or drop my child off without entering the building?

A: No. An adult’s signature is required for every child attending a workshop at both sign in and check out time. At sign in, we also ask who will be picking the child up and collect emergency contact information.

Q: My child is attending a morning workshop followed by an afternoon workshop. Do I need to come back to sign them out when the morning workshop ends?

A: Yes. Again, an adult’s signature is required for check out at the end of each workshop. Our staff is not responsible for the supervision and safety of your child between the end of a morning workshop and the start of an afternoon workshop. There are also times when our staff changes between workshops.

Q: Do I need to park when dropping someone off for a workshop?

A: No! You can enter the lot from the main gate, drive around Sportswork (follow the road – turn left after pulling a ticket), then pull off to the side of the driveway in front of the Ground Level Group Entrance Doors (the same location that the summer camp pick up/drop off zone is in).

Q: Do I need to pay to park?

A: If you are dropping off and then leaving to return later, then no. Parking is free when you are in the lot for under 45 minutes. Simply re-insert your parking ticket back into any gate to exit the parking lot.

Q: Can I stay with my child during the workshop?

A: Troop leaders are permitted to stay with their troops if required. For the safety and security of all workshop attendees, we do not permit other adults in the classroom. If you have questions/concerns about your particular child, please feel free to give us a call at 412.237.3400.

Q: Will a snack or food be provided during the workshop?

A: No. Unless specifically mentioned in the workshop description, we do not consume any food during workshops.

Q: Will lunch be provided during a full day workshop?

A: As a group, we will take a break for lunch, but Carnegie Science Center will not be providing the meal. If attending a full day workshop, please bring a bagged lunch. Due to how busy the café becomes on weekends, we do not have time to take any workshop attendees to the café to purchase a lunch.

Q: My child is not in a scouting program but is interested in attending a scouting workshop. Can they still come?

A: Yes! Our workshops are set up to help scouts meet requirements of certain badges, but they are available to all children.

Q: Does my scout need to come in uniform?

A: We do not require anyone to come in uniform; this decision is up to you and your troop. 

Q: What does it mean if there are pre-requisite requirements listed in the description of a Boy Scout workshop?

A: Some Boy Scout merit badges require extensive work or long-term projects that we simply cannot accomplish during the course of our workshops. In order to meet all requirements, Boy Scouts are responsible for completing these pre-reqs ahead of time and bringing their work with them to the workshop and show to the merit badge counselor. If these requirements are not met, then those requirements will not be signed off on and the scout will have to complete the work to earn the badge after the workshop has concluded.

Q: My Boy Scout forgot his blue card. Is this a problem?

A: We have extra blue cards and workbooks on hand for any scout who forgets them.