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Preschool Scientists Programs

At Carnegie Museums, we are committed to the safety of our staff, visitors, and outreach program participants. Please review our In-Person Outreach Program Safety Standards for information about booking a Science on the Road program at your location.

Please note: All of our PreK offerings are in person. Virtual sessions available by request.

Let us bring big science to your littlest learners! Choose from a variety of programs providing hands-on science learning in a host of eligible content areas.

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Preschool Assembly Programs

Our 30-minute assembly programs can accommodate up to 200 students per showing. Topics include air and wind, and bugs.

Fee: $375; $175 for each repeat program.

SEED icon Amazing Bugs

Content themes: Common Characteristics of Life, Life Cycles, Form and Function

Find out how far a grasshopper can hop, how butterflies get their wings, and more incredible insect insights!

SEED icon Up in the Air

Content themes: Properties of Matter, Force and Motion, Weather and Climate

What is air? If we can’t see it, how do we know it is there? Is anything lighter than air? Investigate these questions and be blown away by our amazing wind and air devices.

Preschool Discovery Days

Each fun 45-minute program is designed to give up to 30 students the chance to expand on eligible content themes with engaging hands-on activities.

Fee: $150 for each program. Single programs available June through March. Two-program minimum in April and May.

Bubble Science

Content themes: Chemistry, Properties of Matter

Explore the ‘S’ in STEM (science) with amazing bubbles and bubble blowers.

Creepy Crawly

Content themes: Biology: Form and Function

Investigate insect parts and behavior through song and dance and make bug antennae to take home.

STEM Program for Babies and Toddlers

Pop It

Content themes: Five Senses, Fine Motor Skills, Scientific Observation, Properties of Matter

Children will sing, dance, and participate in dramatic play to practice their popping skills – popping bubbles, popping bubble wrap, pretending to pop popcorn, and more!

Fee: $150 per program; each program includes two 30‑minute sessions

Two-program minimum in April and May

Up to 15 children per program, children ages 0-3 years