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Summer Library Programs

At Carnegie Museums, we are committed to the safety of our staff, visitors, and outreach program participants. Please review our In-Person Outreach Program Safety Standards for information about booking a Science on the Road program at your location.

Supplement your “Tails and Tales” summer reading program with Science on the Road’s virtual and in-person programs created for libraries! Motivate young readers with mind-blowing, head-scratching assemblies and STEM-by-the-Hour activities that will get them excited to learn more about animals and the world around them.

Call 412.237.3400 to reserve your date and times. Travel fees may apply.

Virtual Assemblies

Fee: $350 for the first program; $295 for any repeat programs
Each virtual assembly program can accommodate up to 200 students per showing.

Wild by Design

Content themes: Zoology, Physics, Engineering, Regional Science
45-minute virtual assembly for grades K–8

Engineering is a day at the zoo! Join local scientists and on-screen zoo animals for a bio-inspired adventure with leaf-blowers, foamy chemistry, and liquid nitrogen rockets!

Amazing Bugs

Content themes: Common Characteristics of Life, Life Cycles, Form and Function
30-minute virtual assembly for pre-K students

Find out how far a grasshopper can hop, how butterflies get their wings, and more incredible insect insights!

Secret Stories of Animal Survival

Content themes: Biology, Ecology, Chemistry
45-minute virtual assembly for grades K–8

Life finds a way. Whether it’s around a deep-sea volcanic vent, under the polar ice cap, or in the middle of a forest fire, animals occupy every imaginable environment on Earth. Join us as we explore these harsh conditions and the strategies that animals use to survive them.


Fee: $125 for each program

These hands-on programs can be held virtually or in-person outside. Organizations opting for a virtual program will receive activity kits that can be distributed to participating students before the program. Each program accommodates up to 25 students and can be adapted to fit a 45-minute class period.

Dinosaur Discovery

Content themes: Biology, Paleontology
Grades K–5

What size were dinosaurs? What did they eat? Did they really roar? Become a paleontologist to reveal more about these Mesozoic marvels in this interactive investigation.

Sense-able Science

Content themes: Biology
Grades K–5

Animals, like people, explore the world using their five senses. Using scientific techniques and tools, experience what it’s like to see like a bird or hear like a dog and reveal many other secrets of animal senses.

Creature Constellations

Content themes: Multi-cultural Astronomy, Physics
Grades 2–5

How can there be animals in the sky? Discover why constellations look the way they do and the stories behind them, then create your own!

Creepy Crawly

Content themes: Biology, Form and Function

Dive into some of our favorite insect stories and learn all about the six-legged critters under our feet. Investigate insect parts and behavior through song and dance, observe live insects, and make bug antennae at home!