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Achievement & Birthday Parties

Call about pricing for customized parties!

It’s a one-of-a-kind bash when Carnegie Science Center comes to you with a party package: one hour of interactive demonstrations and liquid nitrogen ice cream made right in front of the crowd.

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Ages 5-7

Mad Mixtures

Chemistry made happy. Children will make play dough, bubble cups and experiment with tie dye.

Ages 5-12

Sweet Science

Make and create your own candy treats while learning about changing states of matter. Children make sandy candy wands, fruit rollups and chocolate covered graham crackers.

Ages 8-10


There is science in everything, even toys. Construct your own toys and find out how they work. Children will make play dough, slime and bouncy balls.

Science with a Sparkle

Mix up your own lip-gloss, sugar scrub for the face and body glitter. Entertain your guests with compound science.

* Each party gets to sample liquid nitrogen ice cream and the birthday child gets a t-shirt.

The party is 1 hour in length including the ice cream.

Capacity: 25 maximum
Fee: $225.00 for up to 15 children and $10.00 more for each additional children

Science Make & Take

Great for festivals, carnivals, games, and other casual affairs—anytime you want unique activities to entertain the crowds. Everyone who visits our activity table gets to make something to take home! Choose from a variety of science activities like Kazoos, ultraviolet detecting rings, bubble-ariums, and liquid nitrogen activities.

Capacity: 50–100 people per hour (varies based on activity selection)
Fee: $150 for the first hour; $100 for each additional hour.

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