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Bring Health Science to Your School!

Wonder of Wonders (WOW)

Content themes: Human Body, Genetics
Virtual only program

Specially trained health science educators use audiovisual materials to give students important, accurate, and age-appropriate information about puberty, reproduction, the development of new life, and the facts about HIV. This virtual program has been used by dozens of school districts to supplement their health and science education programs.

Time required: 90 minutes per session, plus Q & A
Fee: $225 per session (including up to 30 students); $6 for each additional student.

Includes optional presentation: All About HIV

Free Parent/Teacher Preview Opportunities

Teachers/booking customers will receive a link to a “view only pre-recorded presentation” of this content, three weeks after booking. If you choose, you can share the link with any student’s parent/guardian interested in learning more about the program content, prior to the presentation.