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Assembly Programs

Looking for a way to enhance your students’ learning? Want to reward your school with special educational fun? Our assembly programs are loaded with eligible content packed into an amazing large-scale production.

Programs are available for preschool, elementary, and middle school students. You provide the space and we bring the science to you! Live assemblies are available for both in-person and virtual programming.

We tailor each show to the audience’s learning level, so we recommend no more than three consecutive grade levels at a time.

Ready to book a program? Call our reservations team at 412.237.3400.

Preschool Scientists

Preschool Scientists

Little learners can access BIG science concepts with these special programs just for preschoolers.


Add a Hands-On Experience!

Are you looking to add even more value to your students’ day? For just $900, up to 480 students will not only see the assembly program of your choice, but will also participate in 45 minutes of adventure stations, filled with eligible content themed with the show.

For the Hands-On Experience, you will need to provide 12–15 adult volunteers and/or high school students. Your Science Center presenter will conduct a training workshop for volunteers 45 minutes before the first scheduled group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Science on the Road provide?

When you add adventure stations to your assembly program, up to 480 participants in kindergarten through 8th grade will experience a dynamic assembly program, and grades 1–8 will receive 45 minutes of hands-on activities filled with eligible content related to the assembly. Science on the Road provides two educators and all program materials.

What does my school need to provide?

You will need to provide:

  • A coordinator to act as a point of contact between SOR and your school.
  • 12–15 adult or high school volunteers (age 16 or older) to assist with activities for the entire program day
  • Available space for assembly/assemblies and stations, with adequate time for program setup and tear down.
  • A room with approximately 600 square feet of space and 10 8-foot tables (or equivalent tabletop space) for hands-on activities. A gym or multipurpose room is preferred. Presentation spaces cannot be used for other events while Science on the Road is set up. For the safety of staff, students, and SOR equipment, these areas must be kept clear during setup and tear down.
  • A school employee to greet and assist SOR presenters with access to the program spaces.

How will the room be set up?

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What does a typical program schedule look like?

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When will the afternoon volunteers be trained by the Science on the Road educator?

Volunteers should attend the 45-minute volunteer orientation at the beginning of the day. If afternoon volunteers can’t attend the volunteer orientation, please make sure there’s a 15-minute overlap between morning and afternoon shifts so the morning volunteers can train the afternoon volunteers.

What do we do if we can’t fit all 480 students into the program space for the assembly?

You can schedule multiple assemblies per day with a capacity of 250 per presentation with a three-grade span.

What do we do if we have more than 80 students in each hands-on session?

We can help you create a schedule that fits your needs and our guidelines.

What do we do if our school has more than 480 students?

You can schedule two or more consecutive program days, or limit the number of grades that participate.

Where do we eat lunch if we’re using the cafeteria for Science on the Road?

Schools will often have students eat lunch in their classrooms.