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Each year, Carnegie Science Center honors and celebrates inspiring and innovative scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and educators who are making a difference in western Pennsylvania.

A committee of peers (past award winners and industry leaders) selects award winners whose contributions in the fields of science, technology, and education have led to significant economic and societal benefit in western Pennsylvania, inspiring the next generation of innovators.

Nominations are OPEN now through June 10, 2022.

2022 Award Categories include:

  • Most Inspiring Educator: Awarded to an educator at any grade level whose classroom instruction — an interactive, iterative pedagogy — inspires their students to learn, grow, question, and explore their interests. This award, presented to an educator in any subject area, is intentionally open-ended since the definition of “inspirational” can take many forms.
  • Best Interdisciplinary Approach to STEM Education: Awarded to an educator who has developed and implemented a lesson, unit, project, or curriculum that integrates multiple subjects at any grade level to demonstrate how STEM skills are utilized in everyday, real-world experiences. The award honors an educator in any subject who breaks down learning silos to create the greatest relevancy for students and inspires those whose interests extend beyond science to the arts, humanities, social science, or other subjects.
  • Exemplary Educational/Corporate Collaboration: Awarded to a company and school whose partnership has provided quality STEM education opportunities to students in the region. This can include co-created, industry-relevant curriculum; intern/externships; mentor opportunities; or any similar initiative designed to advance student enlightenment of and/or career/educational opportunities in the STEM fields.
  • Champion for Sustainability: Awarded to the organization or individual who has used innovative means to develop, implement, and/or advocate sustainable practices individually or within their organization. This could include discovering and/or developing new, cleaner energy technologies in the region; advancing the fields of environmental protection and restoration; and/or anything that benefits health and quality of life in the region.
  • Champion for STEM Equity and Inclusion: Awarded to a science/STEM professional who is dedicated to using their expertise or position to benefit individuals or communities who are traditionally underrepresented, marginalized, or overlooked in or by STEM fields. This could be through actively providing opportunities for educational or career advancement in individuals in STEM fields or through the application of personal STEM expertise in service to those communities.
  • Entrepreneur: Awarded to an entrepreneur(s) who has successfully commercialized research in science and technology to develop a business, create jobs, and make a positive impact within western Pennsylvania’s science and technology industries.
  • Innovation: Awarded to an individual or team whose breakthrough approach to creatively solving a problem has had a positive impact on the community, particularly through the use of systems and policies that foster creativity and maximize the contributions of all individuals, leading to significant business, economic, or societal benefit for the region.
  • Corporate Leadership: Awarded to a company or team/individual within whose accomplishments in the areas of manufacturing and materials processes, biomedical or life sciences, and/or information technology have led to significant economic or societal benefits for the western Pennsylvania region.

In addition, the Chairman’s Award is presented to an individual or an organization that has made outstanding contributions in science, either through exemplary work in one field or through transcendent leadership, commitment, or achievement. This award honors those who build trust in science in a civic capacity and who advocate for the impact of science and technology on our society. The Chairman’s Award is conferred only in years when the judges determine someone has made an extraordinary impact on science and technology in our region.

Student Recognition at Carnegie Science Awards is based on judging consistent with the Pittsburgh Regional Science & Engineering Fair standards.

Help Spread the Word

Make sure that everyone in your network knows about the 2022 Carnegie Science Awards at the Geek Out Gala. This year, we’ve created a tool to help you spread the word. Download our Nomination Toolkit opens in a new window, which includes sample social media posts across multiple channels to engage and educate your colleagues on a Carnegie Science Award nomination.