• We will be closed all day on October 22 for the Steelers Game.

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21+ Nights
21+ Nights
Café Scientifique
Café Scientifique
Fab Lab Workshops
Fab Lab Workshops
Munchkin Mondays
Munchkin Mondays
Science Sleepovers
Science Sleepovers
Science Workshops
Science Workshops

Group Reservations

Group Reservations

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 Science Center exhibits
 Highmark SportsWorks
 USS Requin Submarine
 Omnimax Film
 Buhl Planetarium
 Science Stage
 Kitchen Theater
 Works Theater
 Second Demonstration
 Laser Show

Are you a interested in a Heinz Field Tour?

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 Clipper + Highmark SportsWorks
 Clipper + Ominmax movie

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