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Covestro Pittsburgh Regional Science & Engineering Fair – Event Information

Fri., Mar. 29–Sat., Mar. 30, 2019 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh

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Science Fair FAQs

Q: What time do I need to drop off my students?

A: Set-up takes place at Heinz Field from 7–9 am.

Q: Where do I drop off my students?

A: All students should be dropped off at Gate B/Suite B of Heinz Field on Art Rooney Blvd.

Q: Where do I pick my students up at the end of th day?

A: All students will exit from Gate B onto Art Rooney Blvd. Teachers, parents, and chaperones will meet the students at street level. Please do not come up the elevators to the exhibit floor to find your students.

Q: I am a judge or volunteer. Where do I enter Heinz Field?

A: Judges and volunteers should enter through the Press Gate on North Shore Drive near the Carnegie Science Center.

Q: Can I help my student set-up his project?

A: Parents and teachers are not allowed on the exhibit floor. You can plan to meet your student at Carnegie Science Center when they have finished set-up.

Q: How long does the student need to be at the Science Fair?

A: Judging takes place from 10:30 am–12:30 pm and 2–4 pm.

Q: Are students permitted to leave the competition early?

A: Yes. Students who complete an early dismissal form and submit it one week before the fair may leave at 12:30 pm; however, early dismissal students will not be considered for sponsor awards. Sponsor judging takes place between 2–4 pm.

Q: Do we have to return for the awards ceremony on March 30?

A: All Category Award, Scholarship and ISEF award winners will be announced at the awards ceremony. If you are unable to attend, the award packets will be mailed to the student.

Q: What do I do with the student overnighter bag?

A: Please drop off all overnighter bags at Carnegie Science Center prior to set-up at Heinz Field. They will be stored in a secure location for the day.

Q: Where do I park?

A: There will be limited free parking for judges and volunteers in the Carnegie Science Center West and North lots. Overflow parking will be available in the main Carnegie Science Center lot and in Heinz Field lots for $7. Teachers will pay a reduced rate of $5 in the Carnegie Science Center lots.

For the awards ceremony, there will be free parking for presenters and volunteers in the Carnegie Science Center North lot. All others attending the ceremony should park in Heinz Field Lot G1 or in the main lot at Carnegie Science Center. The rate is $7.

Q: I’m a chaperone. What can I do during the Science Fair?

A: There will be a teacher/chaperone hospitality suite in the The Joan Rossin Stephans Discovery Suite in the FedEx STEM Learning Labs on the ground floor of the Carnegie Science Center from 8–9:30 am. There will be a Game Design teacher workshop sponsored by Carnegie Science Center in Highmark SportsWorks® classrooms from 10–11 am (RSVP required). Duquesne University will provide a complimentary lunch from noon–1 pm in PointView Hall at Carnegie Science Center (RSVP required). You can meet with your students for lunch in the RiverView Café or in the SportsWorks® classrooms from 12:30–2 pm.

Q: Will lunch be provided for the student?

A: No. Students are encouraged to pack a lunch. Concession stands at Heinz Field and the RiverView Café at Carnegie Science Center will be open for the students to buy lunch. Students are not allowed to walk to fast food restaurants on the North Shore.

Q: When will teachers have access to the exhibit floor?

A: Parents and teachers are not allowed on the exhibit floor.

Q: Will the 1st place Category Award winners be on display?

A: Yes. After the awards ceremony on Sat., March 30, the 1st place category award winners will take their winning projects to Carnegie Science Center for display from Sat., March 30–Mon., April 8.

Q: Is the Science Fair open to the public?

A: No, the Science Fair is not open to the public. The awards ceremony, however, is open to the public. Remaining projects will be on display at Heinz Field from 9–11:30 am on Sat., March 30.

Q: What types of awards are presented?

A: There are 21 categories and each category has one 1st, and at least one 2nd, 3rd and 4th place award. Categories with higher numbers of participants will be allotted more prizes. Twenty colleges/universities will be presenting scholarships. Over 150 sponsor and affiliate sponsor awards will be distributed. Up to four students will be awarded a trip to compete in the International Science & Engineering Fair in May.

Q: Can student’s names be placed on the presentation board?

A: No.

Q: Can photographs be placed on the presentation board?

A: Yes. Students must cite the source of the photo. If there are pictures of individuals, a photo release form must be presented or Form 4 of the project forms must be completed.

Q: What type of security is provided?

A: Heinz Field has security onsite. Pittsburgh Police will direct students outside of Heinz Field and Carnegie Science Center and will supervise street crossing. Science Fair volunteers will manage traffic control inside the buildings.

Q: How do I get a message to one of my students?

A: We encourage students and teachers to communicate by cell phone. You can also contact the information hub at Carnegie Science Center and they would be able to phone Science Fair personnel.

Q: When do project boards need to be removed from the Exhibit Hall?

A: All project boards must be removed by 11:30 am on Sat., March 30.

If you have other questions, please contact the Science Fair Director at PRSEF@CarnegieScienceCenter.org.