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SciTech Days

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Experience SciTech!

3/4/2017 to 2/23/2020

Wed., Nov. 13–Fri., Nov. 15, 2019

Grades 6–12

SciTech is a special kind of field trip for middle and high school students to discover the growth areas of Pittsburgh: biotech & health, nanotechnology & advanced materials/processes, information technology & robotics, and eco tech (think environment & energy). It also connects visitors with leading scientists and technologists in a fun, dynamic atmosphere.

This hands-on event allows you to register middle and high school students for cutting-edge workshops and featured programs, as well as explore interactive exhibits from leading STEM companies and higher education organizations.

SciTech programming is designed to offer a diverse and broad range of topics. Programs emphasize:

  • Cross-curricular learning integrating fields such as science and art or science and politics.
  • Real-world connections encouraging citizen decision-making and civic engagement.
  • Career awareness featuring interactions with professionals, regional opportunities, and hands-on activities highlighting project-based learning, teamwork, and critical thinking skills that are essential for success in these fields.

Each program varies as to the degree of these components. Feel free to ask for a fuller description of what to expect in a workshop or theater program.

Reserve your spot today! Call 412.237.3400.

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