• Did you know? Nanotechnology
  • Did you know? Nanotechnology
  • Closed all day Dec. 4, Dec. 25, and Jan. 1.

SciTech Days

SportsWorks Upper Level

March 7-10, 2017
Carnegie Science Center

For more info:
412.237.3400, then press 7

Brave New World: Decisions at the Nanoscale – You Decide Workshop 2.0

Tackle a crash course in nanotechnology followed by group decision-making and prioritizing future research. Students decide their own future. Do we first design a cloak of invisibility, nanoparticle fuel cells, or a space elevator? What would you choose? Then, suppose you were a mother in Mozambique or a soldier overseas – would your choices be the same?

Crash course includes using nanotechnology to create your own bookmarks.

No prior knowledge of nanotechnology is required.

‘You Decide’ workshops provide the opportunity for students to put into practice what they’ve learned during SciTech Days workshops. Reflecting on the workshop topic, students are asked to think about a particular issue, set priorities, make a choice, and choose an action. They’re given opportunities to process the content both as individuals and as teams. By integrating the experience with content material, the impact and relevance of this experience is magnified.

Science and technology topics include:
Project-based Learning, Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Advanced Materials & Processes, Careers and New Technologies

Program Capacity: 30

Program Dates & Times Classroom Resources Standards

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