• Did you know? Nanotechnology
  • Did you know? Nanotechnology
  • Closing at 4 pm on Aug. 12 and 18; closed Aug. 20 until 1 pm.

SciTech Days

SportsWorks Upper Level

March 1-4, 2016
Carnegie Science Center

For more info:
412.237.3400, then press 7

Brave New World: Decisions at the Nanoscale

Tackle a crash course in nanotechnology followed by group decision-making and prioritizing future research. Students decide their own future. Do we first design a cloak of invisibility, nanoparticle fuel cells, or a space elevator? What would you choose? Then, suppose you were a mother in Mozambique or a soldier overseas – would your choices be the same?

Crash course includes using nanotechnology to create your own bookmarks.

No prior knowledge of nanotechnology is required.

Science and technology topics include:
Project-based Learning, Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Advanced Materials & Processes, Careers and New Technologies

Program Capacity: 30

Program Dates & Times Classroom Resources Standards

3-5-ETS1-1; MS-PS2-3; MS-ETS1-1

HS-PS4-2; HS-ETS1-1

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