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SciTech Days

CTC – 3rd Floor

March 4-7, 2014
Carnegie Science Center

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Geri Baker
School Program Manager

New! Using Information Technology To Generate Astronomical Images

How do amazing celestial objects, originally captured as complex data by telescopes, become beautiful colored images?

You might be surprised to learn that color in any astronomical photograph is fabricated.

In this workshop, you'll create your own colored astronomical images using real data captured by NASA flagship missions like the Hubble Space Telescope.

Learn more about the research process, and how these images play a role in the process.

Presenter is Rob Marshall who was selected by NASA for the NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program (NITARP) which gets teachers involved in authentic astronomical research. They partner small groups of educators and a mentor professional astronomer for an original research project.

Science and technology topics include:
IT, Astronomy, and Graphics/Art

Capacity: 30

Program Dates & Times Classroom Resources Standards

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