Summer Camps

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2/10/2014 to 2/16/2014

Camp Registration for Members Only

Call 412.237.1637 or

2/17/2014 to 8/16/2014

Camp Registration

Call 412.237.1637 or

Ages 4-5 Half Day Camps

Cost: $110 members / $125 non-members per session.
* No camp on July 4. Reduced price for four-day camp: $85 members / $100 non-members.
Please check the website often. As camps fill up, additional sessions may be added.

Morning session: 9 am – noon (am)
Afternoon session: 1 – 4 pm (pm)

Science Fun Days

June 2 – 6
Aug. 18 – 22
9 am – noon for the morning session
1 – 4 pm for the afternoon session.

Come for one half-day or make a week of it! Campers will play in the exhibits, see a live theater show or laser show, participate in a 1-hour science workshop, and see an Omnimax movie.
$22 members / $25 non-members per session / per day

My Place in Space

June 9 – 13 (am)
July 7 – 11 (am)
July 28 – Aug. 1 (pm)
Blast off to explore our planet, the Solar System, and the Milky Way. Discover your place in all of that space!

Lil' Chemist

June 9 – 13 (pm)
July 28 – Aug. 1 (am)
Chemistry can be fun and messy! Create chemistry experiments from items that you can find in your own home.

All Aboard!

June 16 – 20 (am)
July 14 – 18 (pm)
Climb aboard for a behind-the-scenes look at the Miniature Railroad & Village®. Learn about trains and the culture of workin' on the railroad all the live-long day!

Seussical Science

June 16 – 20 (pm)
July 14 – 18 (am)
Discover the science in some of Dr. Seuss' childhood favorites. Help the Lorax take care of the environment and join Bartholomew in some oobleck play. Oh, the places we'll go...

Wee Bots

June 23 – 27 (am)
July 21 – 25 (pm)
Aug. 4 – 8 (pm)
What is a robot and what does it do? Is it the same as me and you? Learn as you interact with some robots in action!

Take Flight

June 23 – 27 (pm)
Aug. 4 – 8 (am)
The sky's the limit as we "take off" and learn the science behind flight. Investigate how insects, birds, and even humans command the sky. Build a rocket and see how science can really soar!

Color, Color, Everywhere!

June 30 – July 3 (am) *
Somewhere over the rainbow... are fun and science! Brighten up your day with this camp about light and color. Stir up a bucket o' primary colors and check out prisms and kaleidoscopes.
* No camp on July 4.

Creepy Crawly Bugs

June 30 – 3 (pm) *
July 21 – 25 (am)
Aug. 11 – 15 (pm)
Get an up-close look at a bug's life! Build a bug house, make insect snacks, and find out how creepy crawlers eat, sleep, and play.
* No camp on July 4.

Science Makes Sense

July 7 – 11 (pm)
Aug. 11 – 15 (am)
Use your five senses to explore science. Make some scented play dough and experiment with swirling colors. Touch, smell, hear, taste, and see with some hands-on fun.

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