• Full Day Camps for Ages 12-14
  • Nov. 15 – Miniature Railroad reopens
    Closed all day on Nov. 22 for Thanksgiving Day
    - The Rangos Giant Cinema open

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Rangos Giant Cinema
Rangos Giant Cinema
21+ Nights
21+ Nights

Summer Camps

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Ages 12-14 Full Day Camps


Members can register by calling 412.237.3400 beginning Monday, Feb. 5. Registration via the website will be available to Members and non-Members beginning Monday, Feb. 12. To register via the website, click the “buy” button next to your desired camps (available Feb. 12).

Cost: $240 members / $270 non-members per session
(Camps with field trips or extra supplies subject to additional costs listed in camp descriptions.)

Full-day camps run from 9 am – 4 pm
Campers must bring a bagged lunch

* No camp on July 4. Reduced price for four-day camp: $190 members / $220 non-members.

NOTE: Waiting list status can be requested if a program is full. No deposit is necessary to hold a place on the list. Parents/guardians will be notified by phone if space becomes available.

Please check the website often. As camps fill up, additional sessions may be added.

NEW! Digital Storytelling and Game Design

$270 members / $295 non-members (materials fee included in price)

Do you have a passion for telling stories, making videos, or inventing games? Get your creative juices flowing as you use Alice software, created by Carnegie Mellon University, to make immersive 3D animations and interactive games. Design your very own digital world full of unique characters and complex environments, all while learning essential computer programming skills and mastering computational thinking.

NEW! Robot Engineers

$270 members / $295 non-members (materials fee included in price)

Explore the fascinating world of robotics as you design and program robots to carry out a variety of tasks, from fetching items and playing games to creating music and even watering plants! Use LEGO® Mindstorms EV3’s and Hummingbird Robotics Kits to solve problems and have fun, all while learning essential computer programming and engineering skills.

NEW! Art + Tech

$270 members / $295 non-members (materials fee included in price)

Discover the intersection of art and technology and use modern tools to set your creativity free! Experiment with 3D printing, digital animation, and green-screen technology. Program robots to draw, manipulate images and sound, and add programmable circuits to your work of art.

NEW! DNA Detectives

$270 members / $295 non-members (materials fee included in price)

Step into our brand new laboratory and investigate DNA, the essential molecule of life! Learn about the structure and function of genetic material, and discover how to use genes to solve real-life mysteries. Use PCR and Gel Electrophoresis technology to isolate, replicate, and analyze DNA to match samples and uncover answers!

Science Escape

Do you love solving puzzles and deciphering codes? Challenge yourself to solve a series of escape boxes and mini escape rooms while learning about astronomy, chemistry, biology and more. Discover different ways make creative puzzles with anything from ciphers to circuits, and then design your own science-themed room to test your fellow campers. Finally, take a field trip to a professional escape room and test out your skills! Science Escape Camp made possible with the participation of Enter the Imaginarium.

Enter the Imaginarium Pittsburgh escape room logo

App Design

$270 members / $295 non-members (materials fee included in price)
*No camp on July 4. Reduced price for premium four-day camp: $220 members/ $250 non-members.

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating your favorite app? Discover just how much programming, math, and imagination go into creating an app for everyday use. Learn some coding, test out prototypes, and design an app of your very own.

NEW! Investigating our Environment

$270 members / $295 non-members (materials fee included in price)

Take a deeper look into the many facets of our complex environment through a series of fun, hands-on experiments. Collect samples of water and soil and analyze them in our brand new laboratory classroom with cutting-edge sensors. Investigate weather and the process of climate change as you study heat, light, and humidity. Finally, explore renewable energy sources while making and testing working windmills and solar panels.

Survivor's Guide: After the Apocalypse

An apocalypse has occurred, and has sent civilization back to a world without electricity and plumbing.   Learn the skills you will need to survive, such as creating shelter, filtering water, and finding edible food. Engineer helpful tools like compasses and solar ovens from household items, and assemble your own survival kit.

Fab Lab: Maker Camp

$310 members / $335 non-members (materials fee included in price)

Experience first-hand all of the new technologies Fab Lab Carnegie Science Center has to offer; 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, and other CNC machines. Learn the design software for both 2D and 3D machines and make daily projects to take home.

Fab Lab: Quadcopter Challenge

$360 members / $385 non-members (materials fee included in price)

Experiment with the science behind quad copter flight as you assemble and build your own mini indoor drone. Using Fab Lab’s 3D printer and laser cutter, design and test your drone chassis. Challenge other drones in an indoor obstacle course the final day of camp.

Fab Lab: Build Your Virtual World Camp

$310 members / $335 non-members (materials fee included in price)

Get into the world of VR with this hands-on camp. Campers will design and fabricate their own personalized cardboard VR viewer and experiment with some cool VR software. Campers will also get a chance to adapt virtual worlds and create some of their own. *Campers should bring their own smartphone to this camp and have access to installing free apps.

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