• Carnegie Science Center is OPEN on Labor Day but CLOSED on Sept. 2 and Sept. 7.

Preschool Adventures


Register By Phone

8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Mon - Fri

For those outside the local calling area. Payment is due at the time of registration.

Refund Policy
Cancellations made 14 days in advance of the workshop date will receive a full refund. Cancellations not made 14 days in advance will not receive a refund.

Cancellation Policy
In case of insufficient registration, Carnegie Science Center reserves the right to cancel any program one week before it begins. All registered participants will receive a full refund.

Parents-Kids Adventures

Mondays and Saturdays from 11 am - noon
Ages 3-5 with an adult helper
$10/12 (Member/Nonmember)

1/1/2014 to 2/4/2014

Feb. 3 – Science Rocks! CANCELLED
Get your hands dirty as we explore the science of soil and rocks. Explore the tiniest of pebbles and tallest mountains. Make a rock shake painting, and go on a gem hunt.

1/1/2014 to 2/4/2014

Feb. 17 – Nature Exploration
Discover the world around us as we get crafty with nature. Find patterns in nature, make leaf rubbings, and create a winter bird feeder.

1/1/2014 to 3/9/2014

March 8 – Powerful Polar Bears
Explore the frozen world of snow and ice and learn how polar bears survive living in the Arctic. Try on a blubber glove and make your very own polar bear to take home.

1/1/2014 to 3/24/2014

March 24 – Learn and Glow – CANCELLED
If a firefly can glow, why can’t I? Learn why certain insects and animals can glow and the science of luminescence. Then, make some glow creations of your very own.

1/1/2014 to 4/6/2014

April 5 – Up, Up, and Away! – CANCELLED
Explore the thing that surrounds us all, but we can’t see….air! Experiment with air pressure and make a pinwheel.

1/1/2014 to 4/29/2014

April 28 – Sink or Float?
Experiment with different objects to find out which ones sink and which ones float. Learn about gravity and buoyancy and make your very own boat. Ahoy, matey!

1/1/2014 to 5/4/2014

May 3 – Here Comes the Sun
Welcome the warm spring weather with this workshop about the sun. Uncover why your shadow follows you, create shadow puppets, and make a color-changing sunshine bead bracelet.

1/1/2014 to 5/20/2014

May 19 – Bubble Science
Can bubbles be square? Can you actually hold a bubble in your hand? Find out in this fun class on the science of bubbles. Test different bubble solutions and make your own bubble blower.

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