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8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Mon - Fri

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Homeschool Workshops

3/4/2017 to 2/21/2019

*All Homeschool classes are canceled due to weather today, Wed., Feb. 20!*

Workshop cost: $15 Member / $18 Nonmember
Ages: 5–7, 8–10, 11–13, and 14+

Times: 10 am–Noon for ages 5–7 and 8–10
1–3 pm for ages 11–13 and 14+

Workshop curriculum is designed to be age specific, participants must be the appropriate age in order to register for a session. Participants who are registered for a class below or above their age range will be required to move to another class.

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Don’t have a science lab in your basement? Fear not, parents. We understand the challenges parents face when they try to teach science in the home. Carnegie Science Center is your resource for bridging the gap between science curricula and student comprehension.

Our workshops are tailored for a variety of ages and provide educational programming, hands-on experiments, and time to socialize with other young scientists. Best of all, there are no explosions in your home!

Join us for hands-on, age-appropriate science lessons to foster curiosity and discovery in support of what your kids are learning at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question regarding a workshop? Click here to view a list of FAQs. Didn’t find your answer? Please call 412.237.3400 for more information.

Wed., Oct. 2–Nov., 6

Mechatronic Makers
(Ages 12+)

Ready to dive into the world of making? This hands-on six-week course in BNY Mellon Fab Lab Carnegie Science Center will introduce you to basic circuits, hardware, and programming, setting you up for an adventure into electronics and robotics. After completing the course, take home a SparkFun Inventor Kit 4.0 to continue making at home!

Starting Oct. 2, 2019, meeting weekly every Wednesday through Nov. 6, 2019.

Cost: $310 member/$355 nonmember

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Ages 5-7

Wed., Oct. 9 and Thurs., Oct. 17

Superhero Science

10 am–noon

Discover the science behind your favorite superheroes! Defy gravity, explore magnetism, and experiment with flight.

Wed., Nov. 6 and Thurs., Nov. 21

Anatomy Adventure

10 am–noon

Explore the inner workings of the human body as you learn about organs, investigate the skeletal system, and make a model of blood.

Wed., Dec. 11 and Thurs., Dec. 19

What’s the Matter?

10 am–noon

Uncover the importance of the three states of matter as you experiment with solids, liquids, and gases, and all of the transitions between them.

Ages 8-10

Wed., Oct. 9 and Thurs., Oct. 17

M is for Mars

10 am–noon

Explore our neighbor Mars as you investigate its’ features, take a virtual trip to visit the Curiosity Rover, and plan a mission to the red planet.

Wed., Nov. 6 and Thurs., Nov. 21

Spy School

10 am–noon

Do you have what it takes to be a spy? Discover how to see in the dark, send invisible messages, and test out spy gadgets.

Wed., Dec. 11 and Thurs., Dec. 19

Science is for the Birds

10 am–noon

Explore the unique properties of birds as you dissect an owl pellet, test out the strength of bird bones, and investigate beak shapes.

Ages 11-13

Wed., Oct. 9

Crazy Chemistry

1–3 pm

Step into the laboratory, don some gloves and goggles, and get hands-on with some crazy chemical reactions that fizz, bubble, and glow!

Wed., Nov. 6

Coding with littleBits

1–3 pm

Combine fun and easy to use littleBit circuit pieces with simple coding concepts to create and modify a game of Hot Potato.

Wed., Dec. 11

Short Circuit

1–3 pm

Go beyond simple circuits as you test an electromagnet, make a paper plate speaker, and create light-up projects.

Ages 14+

Thurs., Oct. 17

Exploring Renewable Energy

1–3 pm

Explore renewable energy sources as you design solar arrays and wind turbines, and experiment with real-life variables using Vernier Sensors to determine energy production.

Thurs., Nov. 21

Disease Detectives

1–3 pm

Step into the shoes of an epidemiologist as you discover how to identify, track, and stop the spread of disease outbreaks.

Thurs., Dec. 19

Robot Academy

1–3 pm

Try your hand at programming educational robots Root and Sphero as you practice using sensors, building code, and completing challenges.

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