Holiday Camps

Full Day (ages 6-10): 9 am – 3 pm
Cost: $36 members, $40 non-members

Half Day (ages 4-5): 9 am – noon
Cost: $20 members, $23 non-members

Holiday Camps are a great way to get kids to use their brains – even when school is out! Pre- and post-care is also available for an additional $5 for pre-camp and $10 for post-camp. Call 412.237.1637 for more information and to register.

Science Fun Days

Nov. 23 and 26

These one-day experiences are modeled after our popular Parents' Night Out program. Campers (ages 4-10) will play in the exhibits, see a live theater show or laser show, participate in a one-hour workshop, plus see an Omnimax movie. It's a great alternative to day care.

Plus, don't miss these Holiday Camps in December...

Ages 4-5

Junior Space Adventure
Dec. 26
Blast off to explore our planet, the Solar System, and the Milky Way. Discover your place in all of that space!

Seussical Science
Dec. 27
Discover the science in some of Dr. Seuss' childhood favorites. Oh, the places we'll go...

Amazing Animals
Dec. 28
Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! Spend the day exploring the many animals that share our planet. Learn more about where they live and find out what makes them unique.

Shake, Rattle, & Roll
Dec. 31
What's that sound? Learn how our ears work and then put them to the test. Make your own musical instrument and discover the wide world of sound.

Ages 6-7

Pirates on the Three Rivers
Dec. 26
Ahoy, science buccaneers! Navigate life on a ship and unearth science treasures. Arrrrrreee you ready?

Science You Can Eat
Dec. 27
Discover the kitchen chemistry that leads to some of our favorite treats.

Trains! Trains! Trains!
Dec. 28
Do you know what kingpin, highball, or frog means? Learn about the world of a railroad engineer! Explore our Miniature Railroad & Village® and the scientific principles that make it work.

Roboworld Camp
Dec. 31
Get up close with some binary beings in roboworld, learn about how they were designed and built, and “download” the wide world of robots.

Ages 8-10

Engineer it!
Dec. 26
Learn about the design process and use it to engineer your own creations on this day of exploring and inventing.

Science Thrill Ride
Dec. 27
Explore the science of amusement parks as you discover the physics, momentum, and chemistry behind what makes them tick.

Introduction to Robotics
Dec. 28
Can robots help clean your room AND play basketball? Get up close with some binary beings in Roboworld and learn about how they were designed and built. Build a robot and then take command, YOU are in control!

It's Elemental!
Dec. 31
Discover the science of solutions, create chemical concoctions, explore states of matter, and more. Chemistry is all around us!

Register By Phone

8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Mon - Fri

for those outside the local calling area

Refund Policy

Cancellations made 14 days in advance of the camp start date will receive a full refund. Cancellations not made 14 days in advance will not receive a refund.

Cancellation Policy

In case of insufficient registration, Carnegie Science Center reserves the right to cancel any program one week before it begins. All registered participants will receive a full refund.