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Boy Scouts

Troop Workshops

Programs for Boy Scout Troops

Bring Carnegie Science Center to your regular troop meeting and add a splash of hands-on science! You’ve told us that sometimes, troop leaders are nervous about leading science activities. We’re here to help you bridge that gap by sharing fun, engaging science activities that boys love.

Each topic below offers six one-hour modules of activities. Schedule your sessions consecutively or pick and choose between topics.

Great for Cub Scouts

Junior Scientists
Have you ever thought it would be cool to be a chemist or awesome to be an archeologist? Each session focuses on a different field of scientific study.

Cool Chemistry
Introduce youngsters to chemistry as they mix up some fun and stir in some science.

Science Grab Bag
Immerse yourself in a variety of hands-on science activities, from magnetism to mystery solving.

Great for Boy Scouts

Art and Science
Science comes to life in these art projects. Create tools and instruments that you can use to conduct your own scientific studies.

Science Grab Bag
Join us as we explore soap, toys, and much more through hands-on explorations

Focus on Chemistry
From kitchen chemistry to glow-in-the-dark science, take a close-up look at chemistry.

Journey into Space
Learn about the Earth, our solar system and living in space with fun, hands-on activities.

Science Career Explorations
Explore a new field of study for each session as you become the scientist with these “on-the-job” activities and experiments.

Visit the Science on the Road section for more information.

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