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Boy Scouts

Council Programs

Programs for Boy Scout Councils

Bring Carnegie Science Center to your council event or summer camp to really get things going! Our large-format program offerings include action-packed assemblies, an 18-foot inflatable globe and even a portable planetarium! All programs below can be customized for audiences of boys in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Super Shows
Working with our friends at PPG Industries, we've created two HUGE traveling programs that will really get your group going! These programs also include optional hands-on activities that can be facilitated by troop leaders or older Boy Scouts at your event.

Journey to the city of Spectropolis in the Great Color Caper, where the evil villain Monochrome is doing all sorts of dastardly deeds with the city's colors. Play the role of Color Cadet as you solve various mysteries using the science of color, light and sight.

Or, go behind the scenes at a top-secret laboratory to discover the amazing science behind glass in Fractured Physics. Learn why things break and see what scientists are doing to make the materials in our lives even stronger.

From the science of sound to transportation technologies, Carnegie Science Center's assembly programs entertain and educate large groups. Choose the topic your boys will like the best, and be prepared for plenty of interaction and amazement.

Open up the world with our 18-foot inflatable globe! Go deep into geography, environmental science and the history of the Earth in a larger-than-life participatory workshop.

Unisphere Planetarium
Come inside our portable, inflatable planetarium to see the night sky. From constellations to galaxies to mythology, it's stargazing without worrying about bad weather.

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