• Boy scouts holding flags
  • Closed Tuesdays through March 31.
    USS Requin is closed through March 1.

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Boy Scouts


Boys' Life
Your resource for fun and adventure! Become an inventor, play challenging games and puzzles, and check out Cub Corner designed just for Boy Scouts!

Everyday Mysteries
Ever wonder if you can really tell the weather by listening to the chirp of a cricket? How about why camels have humps? Find the answers to your most bizarre science questions at this website developed by the Library of Congress.

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Math never looked so easy and fun! Take a stab at Monster Mind Reader, the Number Monster and many more interactive learning games designed for fun and learning.

Biology 4 Kids
Check out the study of life at this interactive website geared for not only kids but everyone with biology on their minds! Check out cell structures, functions, scientific studies and more.

Scholastic Weather Watch
Observe up above to investigate climate conditions, forecast the weather and track clouds in the sky. Explore the science of volcanoes, earthquakes and more with online activities to measure, determine and calculate everything you need to know about the weather!

LEGO Cool Creations
The official LEGO website where you can build, play and chat with other kids! Sign up today to create yourself as a mini-figure, send in stories, upload your LEGO creations and much more.

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Learn about your favorite scientist, Bill Nye the Science Guy! Check out Bill's favorite experiments, send Bill Nye e-cards to your friends and family, make your own Mars 3-D glasses and much more!

Extreme Science
Go for an adventure with Extreme Science! Dive deep in the ocean to meet the creatures down below, climb the world's highest mountains, learn what type of shark won't harm a hair on your head and much more. Challenge science to the extremes!

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