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31 Hour Marathon
31-Hour Movie Marathon

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About Rangos Omnimax Theater

The Rangos Omnimax Theater debuted as a state-of-the-art cinema experience at Carnegie Science Center 26 years ago and still is one of only 50 of its kind in North America. While the Omnimax is beloved to us all, dome screen technology has become outdated. True to the reputation of the Science Center, the Omnimax will undergo a transformation starting this July to integrate the new future of cinema, offering the latest in digital projection technology. It will remain the largest screen in the region, enhancing audience experience with one of the most technologically advanced and immersive visual and audio systems in Pittsburgh. In November of this year, it will reopen as The Rangos Giant Screen Cinema.

Please see our events calendar to learn about the 31-Hour Omnimax Movie Marathon on July 8 and 9.

Our current Omnimax films, showing daily through July 7, are listed below. Visit now!

Dream Big movie

Extreme Weather movie

Special Engagement: June 1-30

D-Day movie