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Robot Obstacle Course

Ever try to find your way through a room of recently-moved furniture while wearing a blindfold? It's not unlike the challenges Cye robots face in navigating the Robot Obstacle Course.

Cye is a computer peripheral robot that combines obstacle detection and avoidance, path planning, and artificial intelligence to sense changes in its surroundings and adjust accordingly. Visitors to roboworld will see the results of Cye's "thinking" – a mathematical algorithm – used to process its environment and change course only seconds after obstacles in its path are moved around.

Why is this robotic skill so important? To conduct missions independently, mobile robots must be able to collect data and navigate through new environments like a factory warehouse, city streets, or the surface of Mars. Robots first gather information about their environment by using specialized sensors. Then they plan a route to their destination using mathematic equations to find the quickest path. Their sensors keep alert for changing obstacles along the way, and their computer can recalculate a new path if needed.

Local Connection

This Cye robot was developed in Pittsburgh by Educational Robots, a company specializing in educational and home robotics.

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