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Body Tech

Body Tech

Ever want to be a surgeon? Here's your chance to learn about some of the latest techniques, and to try your hand at some of the skills that surgeons use.

Gamma Knife

The gamma knife is used to shrink brain tumors that can't be reached safely by surgery to cut the tumor out. Learn about gamma rays and how they differ from radio waves, visible light rays, infrared, microwaves, and x-rays. View videos of real gamma knife surgery. Practice targeting "gamma rays" on a "tumor".


Endoscopes let a medical team see inside the body without having to make large cuts. Surgeons work with instruments that go through tiny holes in the body. Try your hand at working with tools that are on a long handle and see the challenges that surgeons face in endoscopic surgery. Try using a tool to remove an object stuck in a "lung". Watch videos of real surgeries on the knee and back.


Learn how sound waves travel and carry energy. See how ultrasound waves are used to break up kidney stones - and try blasting apart a stone that you construct.


Doctors sometimes use a special freezing procedure called "cryosurgery" to destroy tumors. Try your hand at the skill needed to do this - can you keep aim the freezing so that it only touches the diseased area without damaging healthy tissue? See videos of cryosurgery on the liver disease and prostate gland.

Eye surgery

Learn all about lasers and how they are used in eye surgery. See a model showing how diabetes can cause blood vessels in the retina (at the back of the eye) to leak. Try using a laser to seal "leaking blood vessels" in a "retina".

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